Donald Trump fat-shamed one of his own supporters by accident last night – thinking he was abusing a protester for being overweight.

In an unprecedented jab at what he thought was a protester the president said in front of a revved up crowed in New Hampshire: ‘That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising.’

And mere seconds after the president ordered to ‘get him out of here,’ Trump returned to the teleprompter to tell the crowd: ‘Our movement is built on love’.

But in fact the protester was not thin at all – and it appears to be an overweight Trump protester called Frank Dawson, who followed the protester down the stairs as he was escorted from the arena, who the president thought was the guilty party.

Dawson laughed it off afterwards, telling Fox News he knew Trump was referring to him.

‘He said, ‘Hey, that guy needs to lose a little weight!!”

Dawson added: ‘Everything’s good! I love the guy! He’s the best thing that ever happened to this country.’

Apart from anything else Trump appears to be throwing stones at glass houses, considering he himself is medically obese, standing 6ft 3in and tipping the scale at 243lbs – four pounds more than his physical examination the year prior.

Trump’s previous doctor in 2018 put him on a diet and exercise regimen that was intended to help him lose 10 – 15 pounds over the course of the year.

Meanwhile, former Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci said today that Twitter locked his account after he posted an insult aimed at the president’s weight.

Scaramucci tweeted a video excerpt, along with his own commentary: ‘Said the fattest President since William Howard Taft . . .’


Donald Trump and William Howard Taft.


Telling Axios about his temporary Twitter ban, he said the jab at Trump’s girth was probably to blame.

‘I think it is related to “fat shaming” President Trump,’ he said. ‘I should have said he is the largest proportioned President since William Howard Taft. My bad.’

Trump famously fired Scaramucci after just 11 days as White House communications director.

The New York financier lost the job, among other reasons, for launching into a foul-mouthed rant against his co-workers during an interview with a magazine reporter.

In recent days, Scaramucci has claimed that Trump is losing his mental capabilities.


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