President Trump’s approval rating dropped 6 points in a new poll as Americans voice concerns about the economy.

Trump’s approval rating fell to 38 percent after July’s career-high 44 percent approval, based on the ABC News poll released today.

The survey also found that only 46 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the economy – his key reelection issue – and only 35 percent approve of his performance of trade negotiations with China.

Forty-three percent of Americans, meanwhile, said the impact of Trump’s economic policies will increase the chance of a recession.

Americans’ positive outlook on the U.S. economy overall is also down 9 points, from 65 to 56 percent.

Moreover, the poll found 60 percent of Americans think a recession next year is “likely” and 60 percent are more concerned the U.S.-China trade dispute will raise prices.

Among those who believe a recession is likely, Trump’s approval rating is just 20 percent.

With Republicans generally, Trump still maintains high levels of approval, though it dropped 5 points, to 82 percent, after his peak at 87 percent in July.

His approval is 36 percent among independents and just 8 percent among Democrats.

The poll surveyed 1,003 adults from Sept. 2 to 5.

There is a 3.5 percentage point margin of error.

Meanwhile, a majority of Americans think President Trump does not deserve a second term in the White House, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

The survey, which was released today, found that 60 percent of Americans said they do not think Trump deserves to be reelected.

Meanwhile, just 36 percent of respondents said Trump does deserve another four years in office.

The figures indicate that Americans’ feelings about Trump have remained relatively stable over the past two years.

Sixty-three percent of Americans said Trump didn’t deserve reelection in a CNN poll conducted in November 2017.


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