There have been rumors for weeks, and now it’s confirmed fan favorite Tricia Helfer will appear during Luciferโ€˜s fifth and final season.

Lesley-Ann Brandt tweeted the confirmation today, with a picture of the two getting some makeup done with the caption: “She’s baaack.”

Check it out:



Helfer last appeared at the end of Season 3.

Co-Star Aimee Garcia was pleased to share the news too, writing “She’s baaaaaaaack!!!!”



Helfer was asked on Twitter if she was coming back as Charlotte or as Lucifer’s mom.

“You’ll just have to wait and find out,” she responded with a smile.


And Lucifer writer/producer Chris Rafferty was quick to add: “We’re SOOOO happy to have a little bit of Tricia Helfer back!

Then he added something very interesting: “Viewers, you have NO IDEA what you’re in for…”



From Rafferty’s tweet we can guess that Helfer is just making a cameo appearance on a show, and it will probably be wild.

Some guesses on why she’s appearing from social media:

  • It’s part of Cain’s punishment in Hell? Listening to your mom over and over and over again would seem like an amusing punishment for the first human, right?
  • Maybe it’s a weird dream sequence in a bizarre episode?
  • Hell can be lonely and perhaps Lucifer is imagining his mom?
  • Or Maybe Lucifer can visit alternate worlds from his perch in the underworld?

An exclusive picture that TVLine obtained — showing Charlotte out of her stilettos and leather jacket and in a June Cleaver outfit — could make for an amusing, lighter episode in the final season.

Check her out:



One thing is certain: Lucifans LOVE the news that Charlotte is making an appearance!



The 16 final episodes of Lucifer will drop on Netflix next year.

There’s a chance they’ll be split into two 8-episode releases.

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