Super singer Kelly Clarkson announced just last month that she had watched Lucifer for the very first time, but today she found herself on set with the entire cast.

Clarkson recorded a segment for her talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show on set of Lucifer where she hung out with the show’s star Tom Ellis.

In one picture released by Netflix, Kelly chatted with Tom while cameras from her show recorded them.


Kelly Clarkson interviews Tom Ellis on set of Lucifer.


In another she posed with cast members including Tom, Kevin Alejandro, and Aimee Garcia.



Netflix then also tweeted that Kelly‘s visit on set is the setup for some big news that she’ll be sharing soon.

In a video last month Clarkson said she was ‘upset’ because she’s only recently started watching the show, citing her four kids and a lot going on in her career.

“I cannot believe my sister was like ‘you need to watch this show, you’re going to love this show, you’re going to love this show’. And I kept trying but every time there was a kid, there was something that was happening so I never got to,” she said.

Then she admitted, like many of us, she had become obsessed, watching all four seasons in just three days!

WATCH: Kelly Clarkson talks about becoming a Lucifan:



Lucifans have started to speculate that Kelly might be announcing the Lucifer season five premiere date (and whether the 16 episodes will be dropped in two parts).

The Kelly Clarkson Show on set of Lucifer airs this coming Monday, October 28th.

Check your local listings for the channel. We can’t wait!



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