Lucifer himself, Tom Ellis, has posted a video showing some dance fun on set during shooting of the fourth episode of the upcoming final season.

Set to the number You Make Me Feel So Young, Tom shows off his Gene Kelly-like dance moves.

“We had so much fun shooting episode 4 of Lucifer season 5,” Tom wrote on his Instagram post. “In between takes I found an umbrella and made this video with the ever imaginative Josh Style sometimes I love my job. Other times I can’t believe it’s a job.”

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Watch The Clip Here:

Lucifer’s musical noir episode will air solely in black and white, filmed in an alternate universe to the show in the 1940s.

he first official photo from the musical noir episode, taken by Josh Coleman, features Tom and Lesley-Ann singing a duet at the piano dressed to the nines in ’40s-era cocktail attire.

This is a duet fans have been requesting for years.

Ellis looks dapper in a stylish tux and bow tie, while Brandt channels her inner starlet in a corseted evening gown as they perform their duet.

The pair sing a period-specific classic, though the exact song is not yet known, but it is one of Lesley-Ann’s favorites.

“I can’t tease too much! I would say on this episode, we take a trip down memory lane with Lucifer,” said Ellis. “We tell a story that answers the question a lot of fans have been asking actually.”


The cast in Episode 4 will be playing wildly different characters from the ones they normally portray.

“The lovely thing about this episode is you see a lot of our regular characters in a different light,” Ellis teases, adding that they all take on new personas with vastly different “characteristics.” “The thing about Lucifer is that he’s timeless, so he’s been coming back to Earth all this time. There’s an element to Lucifer where he seems to be from the Oscar Wilde period. And to see the other characters fall back into that style is quite interesting.”

“It’s always fun to film the music stuff, you know? It’s been a really nice element to the show that came in season one and [we’ve] sort of run with it since. But the nice thing is it’s not just Lucifer who sings these days,” Ellis says, jokingly adding, “We certainly won’t be [covering] any Ariana Grande. No Taylor Swift. Not this time!”



We’re touching on a period where the language is different. What we’re wearing is different, the points of view are different and within that, it’s challenging because the audience knows the characters from season one,” Brandt said. “But I think episode four, you’re going to see the genesis of Maze and why she is the way she is.”

The actress, who sings a second ’40s-era number in the episode separate from her duet with Ellis, expressed excitement over playing a “new” character she says has given her an “injection of creativity” in the series’ final season.

“I do sing with Tom, which is something I know that the fans really wanted,” Brandt says. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful rendition of one of my favorite songs and a classic and has incredible American vocals, and we pay homage to that era and time. There’s just a really sweet connection — we just filmed it the other day — between the two characters that I don’t think we’ve really shown in the five years we’ve been doing the show. So yeah, I think [fans] will be really excited about that little duet.”

As Brandt notes, the episode represents “a full-circle moment” for Lucifer and Maze — whose friendship is a fan favorite — that fills in several blanks for viewers.

“The storyline is really the genesis of the Maze that fans have come to know and love, but we track it back to its origin point and how the relationship between Maze and Lucifer was really forged and why she would help, you know?” she says, before praising her co-star, Ellis. “I’m so lucky. I show up and I work opposite people who really love what they do. They’re prepared and they really care. Tom was super supportive and we got to do something new and fresh.”

Co-star Lauren German, who plays Detective Chloe Decker, dropped some revealing intel about her part in the episode, revealing that her primary character, Chloe, is “pretty much nonexistent” in the hour.

While German couldn’t reveal her alter ego, she shared that she does have an East Coast accent.

“None of us are playing our characters which is really, really fun,” German said. “Everyone has a really different take on what they normally do — the language, the speaking, the look, the costumes. Wardrobe, hair and makeup just killed it. It’s also fun seeing the cast doing something so different. I was actually dreading this episode, to be honest; I was very nervous to go straight into this one and have a whole new sort of speak and walk to work on and now I don’t want it to end!”

Garcia, who plays “ray of sunshine” forensic scientist Ella Lopez, says her new persona will force people to see her “in the polar opposite way you could possibly imagine.” “We’re goin’ 180,” she hints. “Ella is here and when you see who I am in this episode… the one word I would use is unrecognizable.”

D.B. Woodside, who plays angel Amenadiel, told ET his costumes are “completely outrageous” and promised that the visuals are “going to be pretty funny.”

While Woodside remained coy, like his co-stars, he did offer one nugget: “You are going to see D.B. as Amenadiel physically playing something that we have not seen on this show yet.”

The fifth and final season of Lucifer premieres in 2020 on Netflix.


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