He is the pride of the Republican Party, once considered as a front runner for a US senate seat in Michigan.

Maybe his behavior is reflective of the new Trump GOP.

Kid Rock – real name Robert James Ritchie – was captured on video blasting Oprah Winfrey during a foul-mouthed rant causing customers at his own Tennessee bar to boo him.

The musician, 48, was is seen in the footage taken last week falling about at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse in Nashville, screaming into a microphone: ‘F**k Oprah’ before he was ultimately escorted off stage.

In the clip he is seen squatting up and down in a vulgar manner complaining: ‘Oprah Winfrey is like “Hey, I just want women to believe in this s**t”. F**k her.’

‘She can suck my d**k sideways,’ he went on. ‘And if you say that people say, “Hey, I’m pretty sure Kid Rock’s a racist.” I’m like, “OK fine.” F**k off’.’

The rocker’s rambling performance did not go down well with the crowd, who appeared to be waiting for the live music to restart.

But the Trump-loving star continued – even as his outburst bombed with revelers.

‘I’m not a bad guy, I’m just an honest guy saying I don’t like Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar. They can suck d**k sideways,’ he said making lewd gestures with the same hand that held his drink.

Predicting people would label him racist, he continued: ‘”You’re f**king racist”, I’m like, “You’re f**king weird”.’


WATCH: Kid Rock’s Drunken & Vile Rant:


The line prompted boos and screams from the crowd but it got worse as Kid Rock – real name Robert James Ritchie – added: ‘You call your people I’ll call mine.’

Revelers are heard reacting in shock and one comments that the singer is intoxicated.

‘He’s racist. Look at him he’s blacked out drunk as f**k,’ a witness is heard saying.

Kid Rock goes on in the footage: ‘This is weird right?’ causing an angered punter to yell, ‘This is so racist!’

But Kid Rock takes it further with a direct insult to the TV-and-movie star yet again.

He continued: ‘F**k Oprah Winfrey. F**k Kathie Gifford…’

‘I’m the guy you want like “Hey, I want Kid Rock on my side”,’ he said after pausing to wipe his forehead. ‘I’m not the bad guy. I’m the guy you want like, “Hey he’s pretty cool”.’

In the clip obtained by TMZ, he shouts into the microphone to a stunned crowd that some will say he’s racist, and the person filming the bizarre moment is heard opining that he indeed is.

It’s unclear why he directed his rant at the 65-year-old media mogul, actress and philanthropist whom he circled back to after later laying into Joy Behar and Kathie Lee Gifford.

‘I’m not a bad guy, I’m just an honest guy,’ he insisted.

At the end of the clip he is seen being carried off stage by someone who appears to be from the sheriff’s department.

Locals love Winfrey, who went to college and started her career in Nashville.

Last December Councilwoman Sharon Hurt was pushing a resolution to rename the airport after Winfrey.

Its not the first time Kid Rock has spoken of his feelings towards Winfrey who some have asked to run for president.

His 2001 track Forever namechecks her. Lyrics read: ‘Thick like Al Rowker, Pumpin out hits, Gettin chips like Oprah, B***h I told ya, do not hate, Or question the music I make.’

In 2008 he told the Independent: ‘My real-life villain… Oprah Winfrey, she rubs me up the wrong way. I just don’t believe her. Maybe it’s because I’m not one of the 150 million brainwashed women who heed her every word.’

The same year he said in another interview that he hated the influence she had on voters.

‘I think celebrity endorsements hurt politicians,’ he said. ‘Because as soon as somebody comes out for a politician, especially in Hollywood, when they all go, “I’m voting for this guy!” — I go, “That’s who I’m voting for!” … As soon as Oprah Winfrey pops up and goes “Ha-la-la-la-la,” I’m like, “I love Barack Obama. I hate Oprah Winfrey”.’

He explained, ‘I don’t hate her. I just don’t believe in her, so I don’t want any part of any of that. I think celebrities hurt politicians.”

He went on to endorse Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, however.


Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin among the guests of President Trump in the Oval Office.


The All Summer Long hitmaker has also hit out at The View’s Behar in the past – who is vocal about his dislike for Trump.

He came under fire for calling Behar a b***h on Fox & Friends last year as he told the hosts he’d been drinking that day.


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