Lucifer’s Tom Ellis turns 41 on Sunday, and to honor the big day fans are busy organizing the “Tom Ellis Random Acts of Kindness Birthday Challenge.”

What a great idea to unite the fandom, while making a real difference in communities across the world!

Twitter handle @Lucifansgroup1, with over 37K followers (including Tom himself), has put out a request that on Sunday, Tom’s birthday, Lucifans make an effort to spread kindness.

“Tom has said, in several interviews, that one wish he has is for the world to be a more kind place,” the tweet reads. “So, this year, for his 41st birthday (which is on Sunday), let’s grant his wish.”



“The Tom Ellis Random Acts of Kindness Birthday Challenge”

“Let’s spread kindness all over the world this Saturday & Sunday, in his honor. You can do ANYTHING KIND to participate.

You can make a donation to a charity or a homeless shelter. Pay for a stranger’s coffee.”



“If money’s tight, give up your time, talent, or energy instead: Go spontaneously visit your elderly neighbor. Give up your seat on the subway. Shovel someone’s snowy driveway. Help someone unload their groceries. Visit a nursing home. Call a friend you really miss.”



“When you’ve done a Random Act of Kindness, tweet me about it. I don’t need details – true kindness can be done quietly – but post that you’ve met the Challenge w the hashtags: #LuciLove #HappyBDayTomEllis.

Let’s make Tom’s wish come true, LuciFans”



Tom promotes and participates in various charities throughout the year.

Earlier this year, Tom said:

“Honestly, right now what I desire is some kindhearted people running the world.”

That’s what Sunday is all about!

Tom added:

“My biggest concern right now is about my three children and their future because we recognized quite a few years ago that we’re ruining this planet. And a lot of countries around the world are pulling together to try to help that situation. But it doesn’t work if the big boys aren’t there. And at the moment, there’s a few people in this world ruining it for everyone else. By literally ruining the world. My desire is those people go and some responsible fucking adults take over.”

C’mon Lucifans!

Sunday is our chance to get involved and make the world a better place.




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