Actor Ryan Reynolds is back in the spotlight after reportedly featuring the actress from a hotly-debated Peloton exercise bike commercial for an ad promoting his gin company Aviation.

On Friday, Reynolds released his ad titled, “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back,” on his official YouTube channel, as a 40-second clip undoubtedly meant to provide a moment of levity following the backlash involving Peloton and the actress—now known as the “Peloton Wife”— for its original commercial, “The Gift That Gives Back.”

The Deadpool star also shared the spoof in a Twitter post post that has been seen 7 million times, re-tweeted more than 35,000 times and has gotten more than 225,000 likes as of Saturday afternoon.

At the time the ad was listed as the third-highest trending video on YouTube.

The Aviation Gin commercial features the “Peloton Wife” sitting with two women, presumed to be her friends.

They are seen offering her gin in an effort to console her before proposing a toast to “new beginnings.”



Peloton’s product promotion drew backlash, with some calling it sexist following its November 21 release.

The commercial shows a man giving his wife a Peloton exercise bike for Christmas, which she then uses to embark on a year-long fitness journey to be documented on her social media accounts.

“A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me,” she says at the end of the spot, thanking her husband for the bike.


The newly released ad promoting a Peloton exercise bike has been slammed by social media users who claim it is disrespectful and sexist


In the face of backlash against the commercial, actor Sean Hunter, who played the role of the “Peloton Husband,” has spoken out.

“My image is being associated with sexism, with the patriarchy, with abuse, for example,” he said in an interview with Good Morning America on Friday. “That’s not who I am.”

On Thursday, the actor took to his Instagram account to address the controversy surrounding the ad, writing: “Who would have thought my wife and I would be in so much controversy! Wish I kept the receipt.”

Hunter’s other claim to fame is a bit role in the Netflix series Lucifer.


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