A plane coming into land at LAX reportedly dumped jet fuel on an elementary school playground this afternoon, leaving 17 children and nine adults injured.

Shocking video shows two lines of fuel coming from the Boeing 777, believed to have been operated by Delta.



The LA county fire department said 17 children and six adults ‘all complained of minor injuries’ and were ‘being triaged by LACoFD Paramedics and Firefighters’.



Children Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy are said to have been exposed.

The fire service had earlier tweeted: ‘Units on-scene elementary school assessing multiple patients after apparent fuel dump by aircraft on final approach to LAX hits playground.’

The aircraft was traveling to Shangai when it was forced to turn back minutes after takeoff.

One Twitter user commented: ‘Now The Whole City Smells Like Fuel And Everything Is Covered In Jet Fuel!’

Another added: ‘@LAFD is responding to a hazmat, it sounds like people, possible kids at a school, got jet fuel dumped on them from the Delta flight that made the emergency landing.’

Two classes are said to have been outside when the jet fuel fell. Students and staff were told to stay inside.

The plane later landed safely.


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