TV’s menacing ‘Incredible Hulk’ actor Lou Ferrigno is being recruited as a sheriff’s deputy in New Mexico, less than 200 miles from the border.

The 68-year-old professional body builder and former Mr. Universe is going to be sworn in Socorro County by Sheriff William Armijo this week, to help with recruitment.

Ferrigno, a Brooklyn-native and son of a New York Police Department lieutenant, also previously served as a reserve deputy in the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office in California in 2012.

The actor also was a member of former Arizona Sheriff’s volunteer sheriff posse in 2016 where he helped patrol the US-Mexico border.

Armijo, who’s jurisdiction is south of Albuquerque, said Ferrigno will play a crucial role in recruiting new deputies to work in the department.

Expected to perform mostly office-bound duties, Ferrigno will be on call to assist patrol officers where needed.

“People assume it’s just an honorary thing. It isn’t, because I’m certified and I have police powers which I’m very proud of,” said Ferrigno. “I went through all the driving, the shooting, the studying and it changed my life and I’m very happy to be a real-life hero, protecting life and property.”

Ferrigno is best known for his long-running stint in the 1970s television show, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ where he played the a green, muscle-bound version of a sheepish scientist, renamed ‘David Banner’ from the original ‘Bruce Banner, who first was featured in Marvel Comics.

The Hulk today is created by computer animation and prominently featured by Marvel in its ‘Avengers’ films.

Ferrigno has made cameos in Marvel movies, including in the original ‘Hulk’ film from 2003 where he appears alongside Marvel characters creator Stan Lee.

Lee and artist Jack Kirby are credited for coming up with the Hulk in 1962.

During an appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2012, Ferrigno struck up a friendship with Donald Trump.

In 2018 Trump appointed Ferrigno to his presidential council on sports fitness and nutrition.

As for his political views, Ferrigno says, “My political stance is helping America, especially children, get FIT again.”


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