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When Mitt Romney stood on the floor of the U.S. Senate last month and voted to remove President Trump from office it was yet another remarkable moment in his political career.

It also came during the time Jim Heath was finishing up his latest book about covering Romney’s presidential campaigns in both South Carolina and Ohio.

“Twelve years ago he ran for the Republican nomination for president,” wrote Heath. “Eight years ago he was the establishment’s favorite and GOP nominee. Today he is politically lonely. This is my recollection of covering Mitt Romney.”

Heath takes you behind the scenes of Romney’s 2008 primary campaign in South Carolina, and his 2012 general election campaign in Ohio.

He also examines Romney’s Mormon faith, and how that was such a tough sell to evangelical conservatives across the country.

The longtime broadcast political journalist made national news following an interview with Romney in Columbus, Ohio, and he takes us inside the social media firestorm it created.

From the book:

Our newsroom was buzzing. CBS News called and wanted the exchange for their nightly news. The Associated Press put it out on the wire, which is the equivalent of hitting every newsroom computer in America. Laura Bassett with Huffington Post had her story up quickly. Hardball with Chris Matthews led the show with it. Within an hour it was all over the place.

As I watched this tornado unfold, I sat back and was in awe of how quickly an issue can go viral nationwide. I felt a bit helpless being ground zero on this incident and having absolutely no control over the proliferation of it. The interview, and Romney’s retraction of his answer, was now the top story on cable news and websites, small and large, across the country. People were also weighing in on Facebook and Twitter by the groves.

Privately I was very concerned I had burned a bridge with the Romney campaign. If that were the case I would be ineffective—essentially cut off—covering the presidential race in the fall.

After you read this timely book you’ll conclude that love him or hate him, Mitt Romney is one of the most fascinating politicians of our time.

You can purchase the book on Amazon in the PRINT EDITION or eBook for KINDLE.



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