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Former Vice President Joe Biden has crushed Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Florida presidential primary today by a huge margin.

With nearly 90 percent of the vote counted, Biden leads Sanders 61% to 23%.

The Sunshine State is an important test for the candidates, where a new poll shows Biden running even with President Trump in a general election matchup.

Biden is also expected to win primaries in Illinois and Arizona.

Ohio was scheduled to hold its primary today but postponed it due to the coronavirus.

Today’s results follow official word from last weeks Washington’s presidential primary where Biden unexpectedly defeated Sanders.

Biden ended with nearly 38% of the statewide vote, compared with 36% for Sanders.

iden’s lead had expanded since the two rivals ended election night March 10 in a virtual tie.

The delayed victory — which came amid record turnout for a Washington presidential primary — means Biden won five of the six states that voted March 10.

In addition to Washington, he won Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri. Sanders won North Dakota.


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