Lucifer fans have been patiently waiting all winter and spring for Netflix to drop the first eight episodes of Season 5.

Many believed it would happen this month, considering the coronavirus pandemic has had many fans locked up at home, binge watching television.

After the success of the Tiger King, the speculation was that Netflix wanted to keep momentum going, and drop new episodes of one of their most popular series.

While COVID-19 halted production of shows like Lucifer last month, many hoped the first eight episodes were near ready to go.

But according to co-showrunner Joe Henderson that was not the case.

“There have been some post-production hiccups because of Covid, but we’re working through them pretty well,” Henderson tweeted yesterday. “Hopefully we’ll all have an answer soon”

Henderson said Netflix had not given him a heads-up on when Season 5 will start.

“Chances are, we’ll know when you do,” he wrote.



With Henderson unaware of the premiere date, along with acknowledging a few “hiccups”, it looks the series could be delayed further from originally planned.

A late May drop seems now the most likely scenario.

Co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich is clearly anxious to spill the beans about season 5, but when asked by a fan to give some hints today, she responded: “I’m sworn to secrecy at the moment. So… going stir crazy on several levels.”



Ildy is not alone going stir crazy it seems.

Fan response is overwhelmingly anxious to get Season 5 started.









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