Joe Rogan is facing backlash after a resurfaced video showed his laughing as fellow comedian Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz spoke about coercing women into performing oral sex to get stage time.

The disturbing footage was shared to Twitter as part of a larger thread on sexual harassment in the Los Angeles comedy community after actor Chris D’elia was accused of sexual misconduct with underage girls.

‘LA comedy scene is full of creeps. Chris D’elia isn’t the first and he isn’t gonna be the last. LA comics have dirt on each other and that’s why they are always afraid to call one another out,’ they wrote.

‘Joe Rogan knows about most of it and still gives them a huge platform.’

In a 2011 episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, the 52-year-old can laughing as Diaz, 57, boasted about using his influence to coerce women.

‘You think I’m f****** kidding? Yeah, you’ve got to suck my d*** to get up to the Belly Room,’ Diaz said, referring to a popular comedy club in Los Angeles.

‘I’ll make a call for you. That’s the f****** gateway into Hollywood, everybody knows that.’



Rogan then asks ‘How many girls did you have do that?’ to which Diaz replies ’20.’

The answer sends Rogan doubling over in laughter and clap his hands.

Diaz continued to say he had ‘this little blonde open mic chick’ perform oral sex on him before she performed her sets.

‘She finally freaked out when she got to Hollywood…She was beautiful and when she left she had dirty f****** nails.’

Diaz added that a year later the woman wrote him a letter alleging that he ‘broke her.’

Both Diaz and Rogan cackle as the footage continues to show disturbing revelations.

The podcast’s then-co-producer, Brian Redban, remained silent throughout the clip.

Rogan was swiftly lambasted online as the concerning footage was shared more than 11,700 times and amassed 3.4 million views as of Saturday afternoon.

Comedian and scriptwriter Melanie Bracewell said ‘this s*** makes me physically sick.’

‘Chris D’Elia is not the first awful creep and he won’t be the last while we laugh along and pretend this is OK. Women belong in comedy as comedians and fans and don’t deserve to be preyed upon,’ she wrote on Twitter.

Author Catherynne M. Valente struck out against both men in a tweet where she questioned how much influence Rogan is allowed to wield.

‘And Joe Rogan laughs his ass off when the guy says he’s done it to at least 20 women. Rogan doesn’t have one word to say against this,’ she wrote.

‘It’s hilarious to him. Ha ha you raped so many ladies! And you want to tell me this man should be part of our political discourse.’

Rogan has increasingly come into the public eye over his controversial declarations against wearing face masks and other pandemic guidelines.



Last weekend, actor Bill Burr appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience. Burr and Rogan talked for three hours about the Covid-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, and other things.

The stand-up comedian, while in conversation on the JRE podcast with the host, also reflected a great deal upon the significance of masks in everyday life.

The commodity became an indispensable need since the novel coronavirus became a pandemic instigating unforeseen conditions in the world.

Burr said, “I just love how wearing a mask became like this soft thing you’re doing. It’s like being courteous.”

Burr informed that people in his locality have not been wearing masks and are moving in and out as usual, disregarding quarantine.

Rogan enquired how Burr felt about walking around with a mask on his face to which Burr amusingly canned Rogan in response.

“I’m not gonna be sitting here with no medical degree listening to you with no medical degree.. All I do is watch the news every two weeks. Mask or no mask? Still mask. Okay,” quipped Burr.

Rogan said last week he’d vote for Donald Trump, suggesting Joe Biden is “very old.”

Biden is three years older than Trump.



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