Keeping the secret about a sixth season for Lucifer was pretty hard for stars D.B. Woodside and Aimee Garcia.

“We suffered. I just want everyone to realize how much Aimee and I have been suffering for months,” Woodside joked of how long they’ve been keeping the secret. “It’s been absolutely terrible.”

Both stars spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how the cast was informed the show would go on.

“D.B. is probably one of the most veteran players in the cast. He’s been on a bajillion shows and has been gracing our screens for decades, and but still somehow D.B. retains this childlike excitement for the story,” Garcia explained. “We’re still so excited and giddy about what we do, and how it’s going to affect people… it’s so hard for us to keep a secret.”

“We were internally combusting,” she cracked. “So we’re glad that we can now share with the world.”

So, how does season 6 affect the previously planned ending for season 5?

“It was a little strange because we were all kind of wrapping it up,” Woodside admits. “I think the writers did some reshuffling. I just had my first writers meeting a few days ago, and they are raring to go.”

“Without giving too much away… they already know how it’s going to end,” he adds. “The ending that they had planned, now they’re just going to stretch it out a little bit, and allow all of our characters some space and room and to breathe and maybe even tell some more stories about each of the characters. Our fans are going to get a chance to see us in different ways before we get to the end. So, I think the sixth season is really for the fans.”

Garcia shared that the cast was “so excited” about how the writers had previously planned to end the series. “It’s still going to end that way, but now even better,” she says. “Like D.B. says, it’s not just going to be, like, a montage ending of how each character ends up. Now it’ll be an episode for each character to see how they end up. So, basically it’s the same story, which is great, because we were given the opportunity to tell a great story and now it’s just gonna be a great deeper story.”

“It’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful,” Woodside adds of Lucifer’s ending.

Woodside and Garcia give all credit for Lucifer’s new final season to the fans.

“We’re all professionals. As much as we love Netflix and as much as we love Warner Bros., I think we all know that when you set out and you say, ‘This is going to be the final season on something,’ and then towards the end you reverse course — it’s not just because they love us so much,” he quips. “Obviously the show is doing really well, and it’s doing even a lot better than Netflix and Warner Bros. anticipated… I’m just glad that there are people who are running those companies who were willing to put the breaks on it and go, ‘Hey, what are we doing? We have something great here. Let’s continue this greatness.'”

“I think it takes people who are really confident and smart to be able to reverse course,” Woodside notes. “So I love it.”


WATCH: D.B. Woodside Discusses Upcoming Season Of Lucifer:


Woodside announced earlier he would be directing an episode in the sixth season, although hasn’t yet revealed any plot details.

“Happy to announce that I will be returning to Lucifer for season 6,” he wrote on Twitter. “Additionally, I will be directing an episode for our final season.

“This is a beautiful cast. We stand by each other. We fight for one another. So… let’s get to work. #AngelTrainingBegins”



Tom Ellis responded to the tweet, writing, “Yes Brother…! Utterly delighted and excited to get back alongside you both in front of and behind the camera.”

The return of Amenadiel a sure-fire thing for season six (on top of the fact he’s immortal, of course), it seems likely he’ll survive the events of upcoming season five.

Season five will be split into two parts and looks set to be the show’s most compelling season yet, with various special episodes, including its first ever musical episode featuring a guest appearance from singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson.

The first 8 of 16 episodes of Lucifer drop on Netflix on August 21.


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