The tell-all book by Donald Trump’s niece will be published two weeks early – on July 14 – as her publisher tries to rush it into bookstores amid a legal battle over its fate.

Simon & Schuster said that they were acting because of ‘high demand and extraordinary interest’ in ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man’, by Mary Trump.

They also revealed new details from the book which will tell how in the Trump family ‘financial worth is the same as self-worth; humans are only valued in monetary terms’.

The book will reveal that ‘a ‘killer’ instinct is revered, while qualities like empathy, kindness, and expertise are punished.

According to Mary Trump, among her family members ‘taking responsibility for your failures is discouraged’ and they see ‘cheating as a way of life’.

The move comes after a judge in Dutchess County, New York, imposed a restraining order against Simon & Schuster to stop them publishing the book.

That was vacated by a federal appeal judge but a hearing is still set for July 10 in Dutchess County.

The aggressive move by Simon & Schuster appears to ensure that the book is published.

In a statement a spokesperson for Mary Trump said: ‘The act by a sitting president to muzzle a private citizen is just the latest in a series of disturbing behaviors which have already destabilized a fractured nation in the face of a global pandemic.

‘If Mary cannot comment, one can only help but wonder: what is Donald Trump so afraid of?’

The book is already No. 1 on the Amazon best seller list and promises to be the most revealing portrait of the Trump family so far.

Simon & Schuster released a brief extract from the prologue which reads: ‘In addition to the firsthand accounts I can give as my father’s daughter and my uncle’s only niece, I have the perspective of a trained clinical psychologist.

Mary Trump’s book about her uncle Donald hits bookstores on July 14.

‘Too Much and Never Enough is the story of the most visible and powerful family in the world. And I am the only Trump who is willing to tell it’.

The publishers have previously said it will detail a ‘nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships, and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse’, according to the blurb.

It is also expected to reveal that Mary was the primary source of the Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into Trump’s tax history.

That report, published in October 2018, found that Trumpreceived more than $400 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire and had been involved in ‘fraudulent’ tax schemes – crushing his image as a self-made man

The legal tussle over the book centers around a nondisclosure agreement that Mary signed 20 years ago to settle a dispute over the estate of her grandfather Fred St, the President’s dad.

The Trumps argue that this prevents her from writing a memoir but she disagrees.

In an affidavit filed last week she claimed she relied on ‘false valuations’ from the rest of her family to determine the amount she got from Fred Sr’s will.

Mary Trump has previously alleged in a lawsuit that the Trump family took advantage of a mentally incapacitated Fred Sr to all but cut her and her brother, Fred Trump III, out of his will.

The siblings are the children of Fred Trump Jr, the President’s older brother who died in 1981 after struggling with alcoholism his whole life.

Mary Trump spent much of her childhood at her grandparents’ home in Queens, New York, where Donald Trump and his four siblings lived.

She will talk in the book about seeing a ‘tragic combination of neglect and abuse’ and the ‘strange and harmful relationship’ between the President and his father.


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