President Trump tweeted out complaints about Fox News programming while flying to Texas for a fundraiser.

Trump will visit oil country to raise campaign cash as Houston’s largest newspaper warns Texans are “losing confidence” in his leadership after the coronavirus devastated parts of the state, but Trump had other things on his mind while flying there.

Former vice president Joe Biden leads 47-45 in Texas, in a Morning Consult poll released Monday night – a dramatic shift from two months ago, when the same poll showed the president ahead by 7 points.

A raft of recent polls have found a dead heat, with the candidates within a point or two.

This is Trump’s 16th Texas visit of his presidency – an investment of time that would be out of proportion if Texas were as safely in his column as he professes.

There is no path to reelection victory for Trump without the electoral votes from Texas.

Trump has been unhappy with some of the anchors and reporters on Fox News for months.

He did not specify who he was watching when he sent the tweet.

In his tweet this morning, he unintentionally tagged a Columbus, Ohio mechanical contractor.



The company, Air Force One, was founded in Dublin, Ohio in 1984.

Trump’s Tweet went out at 11:56 am EST, saying he said he was flying to Texas, and then tagged the HVAC company.

The tweet was deleted by 1:40 p.m.

“We set some pretty aggressive goals for our social media impressions this year, and as of this afternoon, I can confidently say we have blown them away!, said Greg Guy, CEO of Air Force One, Inc.


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