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We may not know the Big Brother All Stars cast yet, but at least we now know they have a house to move into.

Every Big Brother season, one of the most exciting things to check out in the preseason is the house.

Designers and construction teams work tirelessly in the preseason to create a vivacious space that houseguests will be occupying for up to three months.

And it’s no different for #BB22.

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house.

The mounted screens will announce whenever competitions and nominations are happening.

The rare house meeting will often be held here.

And it will be the location where the houseguests find out their ultimate fate, filling out the nomination chairs as host Julie Chen Moonves announces who has been evicted each week.



This season’s living room has made the star level of the cast clear—and quite literal.

Star shapes are everywhere in the room, from hand-painted wood cut-outs to tin signage.

Lining the walls are 1,152 impressive illuminated pegs, a BB take on a childhood Lite-Brite.

They display an array of color, reflecting the summer fun that is soon to begin.





But amidst the laughs, there is a game to be played, which is also seen in the living room.

Sculptures of pick-up sticks are seen in the background, showing how precarious one’s game can be in the house.

And a chess set, essentially a requirement in the BB house at this point, is set up underneath the stars.

Its design places the pieces at various heights, showing how you can go from the lowest pawn to the highest king or queen.






Big Brother 22 All Stars premieres Wednesday night, live only on the East Coast, on CBS.


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