My mom, Doris Heath, recently turned 85 years young (something that doesn’t happen everyday) and announced she was going to binge watch the new season of her favorite show Lucifer to celebrate.

After we posted a picture of her on social media, thousands of fans of the hit Netflix series went crazy wishing her a happy birthday!

Proving, again, that lucifans are the best and love their own.

What was most amazing is that @LuciferNetflix, the official account of the show, picked up the cause.

“Think she dropped this crown πŸ‘‘,” they tweeted:



And that started the frenzy!

The tweet has, so far, garnered over 11.2 thousand likes!

Lucifans from around the world wished mom well (here’s a sample):



















And the amazing Lesley-Ann Brandt added ‘Awe!’ prompting another 5K likes!



There was also a wonderful response to a post on LuciFans, the original Lucifer fan page on Facebook.

It’s just pretty amazing when you think about it.

Nearly 20K responses for a birthday.

I’d call that a pretty cool fandom!

To everyone who took time out of their day to wish mom well, thank you!

Random acts of kindness go a long way, and are much appreciated.

BTW: Mom LOVES the new season!



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