JimHeath.TV has started a daily Election 2020 countdown counter that you can find on our various social media platforms.

The countdown counter gives you a quick glimpse of how many days are left before the November 3rd election.

It also features a look at both the electoral and popular vote trends for Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“We monitor about a dozen sources daily that give us a pretty good idea of the mood of voters,” said Jim Heath. “We average all these variations together, factor in some data like number of early votes cast, and offer our objective forecast on where we think the election is headed.”

Currently, with 50 days to go, the outlook shows Biden as “likely” winning both the electoral and popular vote.

“He’s been strong in battleground state polling for months, and now we see Democrats with the edge in requesting absentee ballots,” said Heath. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a tightening in the electoral college over the next thirty days, but it’s been good for Biden so far.”

The categories for the outlook forecast are: Likely, Leaning and Too Close To Call.

It could be possible, as it was four years ago, that Biden could lead in the overall popular vote contest, but Trump in the electoral college.

It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

The countdown counter can be found on the JimHeath.TV Facebook and Twitter pages, along with various articles each day posted on the website.

In addition to the daily countdown, JimHeath.TV will also be providing regular updates on the electoral college map, U.S. Senate races and House races across the country.



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