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With just over 40 days until the election, Lucifer’s popular lead star Tom Ellis has Donald Trump on his mind.

Specifically, his defeat by Democratic challenger Joe Biden in November.

“The only tonic to this year will be if Trump gets voted out,” Ellis told Max Williams in an extensive interview earlier this month.

When asked about his personal hell loop, a concept from Lucifer that’s essentially Groundhog Day for the damned, Tom quickly answered, “If Trump gets reelected in November it would be that. Honestly.”

It’s no secret Ellis loathes Trump, telling fans last year that the thought of meeting the 45th president would be his “personal hell.”

And that’s a pretty big statement coming from the devil.

A fan at the LUX convention in London last year asked Ellis: “What would be your personal hell?”

Without hesitation, Ellis thought of Trump and what he represents to the world.

“It would be opening the door to the White House at the moment wouldn’t it?,” Ellis told the laughing crowd. “Honestly at the moment it would be Donald Trump behind that door.”

A fan then yelled to the Lucifer star: “Promise to take care of him.”

Tom, answering in his devil voice responded: “Oh, I will.”

Then he added that one of his daughters finds Trump amusing in another way.

“My youngest daughter is six and thinks it’s absolutely hilarious that he’s named after a fart,” said Ellis to the laughing audience.

The verb “to trump” has been used extensively across Britain to refer to the breaking of wind.

Humor aside, Ellis says there is too much at stake this year for people to remain silent before the election.

“I’ve always tried to distance myself from politics on social media. I’ve been guilty in the past of taking onboard people saying, ‘you’re just an actor, you shouldn’t talk about these things.’ But I’m just so utterly fed up with people in power who have no sense of dignity, no sense of shame, no sense of empathy. Everything you need to be a leader is not on display at the moment. I can’t stay quiet about it.

“People are often told that you don’t want to ostracize people. But my feeling at the moment is that the President of America is ostracizing people. We need to bring people back together.”

Williams asked whether he would consider leaving America were Trump reelected on November 3?


Tom Ellis and Meaghan Oppenheimer


“I would think heavily about it, for sure. My wife is American and that would be tougher for her than it would for me. But I think at the same time she feels exactly the same.”

The Lucifer star, who comes from a religious family, added: “I’m praying for the world right now. We can do so much better people.”

Lucifans will also remember a favorite episode from 2016 when Lucifer went out of its way to condemn then President-elect Trump.

Episode 8, “Trip to Stabby Town,” witnessed Lucifer (Tom Ellis) in a session with his therapist Linda (Rachael Harris) who’s asking Satan a series of questions about hell and its occupants.

“How did you actually torture Hitler in Hell?” Linda asks. “I mean, is his cell next to Idi Amin’s? Or Mussolini’s? Or is there kind of a tyrant wing in Hell?”

Lucifer, initially reluctant to reply, eventually indulges Linda.

“So, we can, You know, talk about Caligula, Stalin, Trump. I mean, I know he’s not dead, but he’s definitely going,” Lucifer says of 45th president.

Lucifer is available now on Netflix, with the second half of Season 5 expected to be released early next year.


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