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Lucifer’s co-showrunner Joe Henderson shared some good news on social media today.

The series has started shooting Season 6, which means Season 5 is complete and ready for Netflix to drop anytime!

‘Today is our first day of shooting season 6,” wrote Henderson. ‘So happy we’ve finished season 5, and we will be working our buns off to get it finished and to Netflix!”

He also thanked ‘our incredible cast and crew for working hard and safe and delivering a kickass finale!!’



The cast and crew has resumed filming season 5 at the end of September.

When production stopped in the spring, there was only about a week of production on the season left to complete.

The first 8 of the 16 episodes of Season 5 dropped on Netflix in August.

Now that the second half of the season is finished, all eyes are on a February-April 2021 release (although it would also be a nice Christmas present if Netflix is in the mood!)

Season 6, the final season, will be comprised of 10 episodes.

Will they be released all at once, or will Netflix split them in half?

We don’t know yet, but based on the success of Lucifer on the streaming giant thus far it’s most likely we’re looking at a duel release next year (they can’t possibly hold the final five episodes until 2022, can they?)

The cast and crew have been working under Covid-19 safeguards, properly masked and shielded, with constant proper social distancing.

They also get tested for the coronavirus daily, and there is a reduced number of people allowed on the set at any given time.

The tough standards has led Tom Ellis to ask his 8 million Instagram followers why President Trump doesn’t follow the same rules.

“This is what we have to wear at #lucifer to get back to work as safely as possible during this very real pandemic,” wrote Tom, “and we get tested every day….and we have to social distance…and, as many people like to remind me I’m only an actor…

Why would the president who’s in charge of everything not take the same if not more precautions?”



Co-star Lesley-Ann Brandt quickly replied, ‘exactly.’

Tom is currently set to headline a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party on Saturday.

A lot going on to finish out a turbulent year!



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