President Trump renewed his feud with Fox News’ polls after they showed him trailing Democratic rival Joe Biden in a few key battleground states.

The latest round of polling from Fox showed Trump leading in Ohio but trailing Biden closely in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin while losing big in Michigan.

All states are crucial toward the 270 electoral votes a candidate needs to win the White House.

Biden leads by 12 points in Michigan (52-40 per cent), 5 points in Pennsylvania (50-45 per cent), and 5 points in Wisconsin (49-44 per cent).

Trump is up in Ohio by 3 points (48-45 per cent), according to the latest Fox News polls.

Trump took to Twitter to express his fury at the numbers, blasting them as ‘fake’ and claiming he leads in all those states.

‘.@FoxNews Polls are totally FAKE, just like they were in 2016. I am leading in all of the states mentioned, which you will soon see. I thought Fox was getting rid of its pollster. Sadly, it never happened!,’ he wrote.

And Trump doesn’t lead in all those states.

He trails Biden in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan in the RealClearPolitics average of polls of those states.

Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin had been carried by Democrats in presidential elections for a quarter century before Trump won in the 2016 election.

Fox News, like polling from other news organizations, has shown the president trailing Biden in most key states and in national polling.

The network, like other networks, also showed Hillary Clinton leading Trump in its polling in the run up to the 2016 election.

Trump has lashed out at Fox News before – for both its polling and its coverage of him.

He frequently mentions the 2016 polls.

Trump, a frequent watcher of Fox and regular guest on ‘Fox & Friends’ and Sean Hannity’s program, criticized Chris Wallace after the first debate.

He accused Wallace, the host of ‘Fox News Sunday,’ of trying to help Biden.

Trump, in violation of the debate rules, kept interrupting Biden’s responses and Wallace repeatedly asked the president to let Biden finish speaking.

Trump has ramped up his attacks on the media as the country heads toward Election Day.

He routinely blasts the ‘fake news’ but he’s increased his attacks in the past few weeks as he threatens to question the outcome of the election should Biden win.



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