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Cindy McCain, wife of the late GOP Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), is featured in a new ad from Joe Biden’s campaign in which she says the Democratic candidate would be “a president who will honor our fallen heroes.”

In the 60-second video titled “Like John Did,” McCain describes Biden’s friendship with her late husband in the Senate, where they served together for years, saying it was “a friendship that you don’t see too often.”

“They’d fight like hell on the floor, and then they’d go eat lunch together,” McCain says as photos flash of Biden and her late husband. “They always put their friendship and their country first.”

McCain then takes several implicit jabs at President Trump, saying America needs a president who will “put service before self,” “lead with courage and compassion, not ego” and “honor our fallen heroes.”

The “fallen heroes” comment appears to be a reference to a report from The Atlantic last month that claimed Trump had privately belittled service members who died in World War I, calling them “losers” and “suckers.”

Fox News and other outlets subsequently confirmed the details of the story.

McCain officially endorsed Biden for president in September, saying he’s the “only candidate in this race who stands up for our values as a nation.”

She has also joined the advisory board of Biden’s presidential transition team.

John McCain easily won reelection in Arizona in 2016, despite Trump at the top of the ticket.

The ad is in heavy rotation in the Grand Canyon State as Biden hopes to become the first Democrat since President Bill Clinton in 1996 to carry the state.


WATCH: Cindy McCain for Biden Ad


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