President-elect Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump in Georgia after a statewide audit following the election.

Biden received 12,284 more votes than Trump, and was awarded its 16 electoral votes.

Georgia plans to certify Biden’s victory tomorrow.



Georgia officials have said repeatedly that the audit confirmed there was no widespread fraud or irregularities in the election.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, has come under fire from both Trump and the state’s sitting GOP senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who called on him to resign after falsely accusing him of failing to “deliver honest and transparent elections.”

Raffensperger said today that the state has “not seen widespread voter fraud.”

When asked about the attacks from Trump and members of his own party, he defended his credentials as a “lifelong Republican” and “conservative Christian Republican.”

“I’m going to make sure we count every legal, lawful vote and we’re not going to count any illegal votes,” Raffensperger said. “My record will stand on itself. We have done a great job.”

The suburban revolt against Trump in the suburbs surrounding Atlanta, paired with huge turnout among Black voters, powered Biden’s gains in the state, building on years of intensive Democratic organizing to register voters.

The state is now the center of the political universe, because the two US Senate runoff elections will determine which political party controls the Senate.

Biden defeated Trump in the election with a total of 306 electoral votes, well over the 270 he needed.

Trump has yet to concede.


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