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Music legend Dionne Warwick has been on a Twitter tear for the last few days as she has taken her hysterical musings to social media, ending with a plug for the hit series Lucifer.

Warwick spent the weekend engaging with a handful of A-list superstars including Taylor Swift, Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd.

Warwick, 79, used her starpower to garner responses – and seek answers – from some of her favorites.

No questions about her love for Taylor, Warwick tweeted:

‘Hi Taylor Swift. I hope you’re in good spirits and having a wonderful day. Keep your head high!’



Swift wrote back, ‘I just saw that you tweeted me!! I’m a huge fan and I respect you so much, thank you for wishing me well. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, thank you for spreading joy.’

Dionne sent back a quick response: ‘Happy holidays, baby. Continue uplifting others with your wonderful spirit.’



Also at the mercy of Warwick’s newfound voice on Twitter, The Weeknd had it coming for him based purely on the fact that his stage name starts with a ‘the.’

She wrote, ‘If you have ‘The’ in your name i’m coming for you. I need answers today,’ which sent fans roaring.



Warwick continued to take issue with The Weeknd’s spelling of his name as she said, ‘The Weeknd is next. Why? It’s not even spelled correctly?’



Taken aback by the savagery of Warwick’s roast, he responded:

‘I just got roasted by Dionne Warwick and I feel honored! You just made my day,’ with the crying laughing emoji, as he wore the diss as a badge of honor.



Dionne first garnered attention with her social media presence on Saturday after she pondered why Chance The Rapper had to put ‘rapper’ in his name if he was ‘very obviously a rapper.’

‘Hi @chancetherapper. If you are very obviously a rapper why did you put it in your stage name? I cannot stop thinking about this,’ she said.

Not one to miss out on the conversation at hand, Chance responded:

‘Sorry I’m still freaking out that u know who I am. This is amazing!’ tweeted the hitmaker, who boasts 8.3million followers on the platform.



She then replied, ‘Of course I know you. You’re THE rapper. Let’s rap together.’

The duo appeared to become fast friends as they made tentative plans to collaborate with Warwick hilariously flexing her social media skills as she said, ‘I’ll message you.’

Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter was quick to comment, ‘WHOA WHOA! did Dionne just ask Chance to collab?……. STRAIGHT FIRE TO COME!’



After a few more exchanges Chance said, ‘I will be whatever you wanna call me Ms Warwick. God bless you,’ as he laid the fun-loving exchange to rest.



At the end of mingling with the well known music legends, Warwick concluded, ‘Okay, I am going to watch Lucifer now. Bye!’



Can we expect a future tweet acknowledging Tom Ellis and Lesley-Ann Brandt are great singers too?



One thing is for sure: Dionne Warwick would make a great God!

The second half of the fifth season of the popular Netflix series Lucifer is expected to be released early next year.


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