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It’s looks like a devil of a typo, but in reality it’s a perfect word.

The upcoming episode 607 of Lucifer is titled: My Best Fiend.

At first, some fans thought ‘fiend’ was misspelled and should have been ‘friend.’

Many had been guessing online what the word was going to be, but none had come up with the unusual word.

But writer Julia Fontana knew what she was doing.

Fiend is a word, and is defined as an ‘evil spirit or demon.’

Lucifer Writers Room had fun with the script, tweeting: ‘Well, aren’t you some clever little devils. No matter how difficult we make it, you always rise to the challenge! But @julia_fontana who are you calling a FIEND?’



Fans loved the play on word.

‘Wow, I never knew “fiend” was a real word. A new vocable learned today,’ tweeted @laptopjunkie.

‘Whaaa is fiends actually a word?’ asked @lucifansgirls.

@nurm0 pointed out, ‘A fiend could be also a fanatic. Every one of us are a fiend on Lucifer, aren’t we? So is this chapter deserved to the fans?’


Meanwhile, @LuciferNetlix is teasing today a little bit of information for the second half of season 5.

‘*** will tap into his ***** side’ is the clue.



Fans are busy guessing everything from ‘God will tap into his human side’ to ‘Dan will tap into his devil side.’

The next eight episodes of Lucifer season five are expected to be released on Netflix in February.




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