Actress Catherine O’Hara has set the internet alight after re-creating the iconic scream scene from “Home Alone 2” nearly three decades after the film’s release.

The nostalgic callback was first featured in a YouTube tribute to the film’s late director John Hughes, but has since been shared by a TikTok fan account, where it’s amassed about 4 million views and over 538,000 likes.

O’Hara gives the recreation her all, looking side-to-side as she times her acting perfectly to her 1992 performance, before screaming “Kevin!” as her character realizes she has left her son behind before Christmas once again.

The actress then drops to the floor in a faint as she does in the movie.


WATCH: Catherine O’Hara Recreates Classic Home Alone 2 Scene:



Her cinematic shoutout made a splash among “Home Alone” fans — and her more recent “Schitt’s Creek” following.

“She still did it exactly the same! I love this,” fawned one fan of O’Hara, who played Moira Rose on “Schitt’s Creek.”

Another commented, “I hope she knows what an icon she is.”

“Repeat after me ICONIC,” wrote TikTok influencer thatboycollins.

Despite the landmark role, many “Schitt’s Creek” fans were completely unaware that O’Hara starred in the “Home Alone” series.

“I just found out that Kevin’s mom in Home Alone.. and Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek.. are played by the same actress,” wrote one flabbergasted fan on Twitter.

Another lamented, “It took me 5 seasons of watching Schitt’s Creek to realize that Moira is Kevin’s mom from home alone.”


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