South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone mocked Donald Trump over his election loss in the latest episode of their web series Sassy Justice.

In the show, a deepfake (video technology where someone is replaced with another’s likeness) of Trump sulks as he reads a reindeer story with a political twist to reflect his defeat in the US election and his failed attempts to cling onto power.

The Trump character (played by Peter Serafinowicz) wears a Christmas jumper and a little festive hat in the video, and says: “Once upon a time there was a little reindeer, all the reindeer agreed he was the best reindeer out of all the reindeers.

“The next day a grumpy, old, sleepy-eyed reindeer came into town and started saying, ‘You know the reindeer? He’s not awesome.’ ‘But he is awesome,’ all the reindeers said.”

The Trump character, on the brink of tears, goes onto explain how the little reindeer lost the election because it was “rigged”, and then he died and everyone cheered and there was “no Christmas ever again”.


WATCH: Deepfake Trump Reads Reindeer Story


A one-hour South Park special about the coronavirus pandemic aired in September, with the cartoon cast wearing protective visors and face masks to mirror society today.

Aside from that special, South Park has been all but absence from screens this year.

While no airing date for season 24 of South Park has yet been set, the Trump clip comes as part of the latest episode of Parker and Stone’s new project, Sassy Justice, which airs monthly on YouTube.

The show is centered on a characters called Fred Sassy who is an American Consumer Advocate and reporter for a local TV station in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


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