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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a booster of conspiracy theories with a track record of making racist statements, repeatedly endorsed violence against Democratic leaders and federal agents, according to a review of her Facebook activity.

Greene (R-Ga.) filled her feed with extremist content for years before she was elected in November, becoming the first open supporter of QAnon, an extremist ideology based on false claims, to win a seat in Congress.

In a January 2019 post, Greene “liked” a comment advocating “a bullet to the head” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In another, from April 2018, a commenter asked, “Now do we get to hang them ??” referring to former President Obama and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, KFile reported.

In response, Greene did not denounce the suggestion of execution and instead wrote, “Stage is being set. Players are being put in place. We must be patient. This must be done perfectly or liberal judges would let them off.”

The revelations are the latest examples of Greene’s far-right, conspiratorial online exploits, which also include supporting the bogus claim that the Parkland, Fla., school shooting was staged and backing a dangerous conspiracy about child abuse.

Greene has also relentlessly boosted the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was rigged against Donald Trump, even though court after court has dismissed the former president’s claims and state officials across the country, including Republicans, have rejected the baseless allegations.

Greene’s statements have resulted in her temporary ban from Twitter and have prompted a number of advocacy organizations to call for her resignation or expulsion from Congress.

A video has resurfaced showing Greene confront Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg over gun rights in March 2019, calling him a ‘coward’.

Greene – who touts her belief in the bizarre QAnon theory that Washington DC is run by a ‘deep state’ cabal of Satanist pedophiles – approached Hogg as he met with senators in Washington D.C. and accused him of ‘attacking our second amendment’ by ‘using kids’.

She also accused Hogg, who was only 18 years old when the confrontation took place, of being funded by George Soros and claimed that no student would have died if the ‘resource officer at Parkland had done his job’.

Greene, 46, originally posted the 2.47-minute video to her YouTube account in January 2020 when she explained that she had run into Hogg twice as he lobbied for gun law reform the previous March.

The video has now reemerged just a week after the families of victims who died in the February 2018 Parkland school shooting demanded that the Georgia congresswoman resign because she was found to have spread the conspiracy theory that the massacre was staged.

This isn’t the first time that Greene has dismissed the suffering of mass shooting victims in favor of wild conspiracy theories.

Greene previously wrote on social media in 2018 ‘that is all true’ on a post claiming that Sandy Hook and Parkland shootings, as well as 9/11, were staged.

That same year, Greene claimed on Facebook that Democrats had made up the devastating school shootings as a excuse to bring in stricter gun laws.

She wrote ‘I am told that Nancy Pelosi tells Hillary Clinton several times a month that ‘we need another school shooting’ in order to persuade the public to want strict gun control.’

After the video was shared on Wednesday, Hogg took to social media to comment on the incident, stating that it was ‘just 1/10 of 1% of the harassment advocates for gun control have to deal with’.

‘You think we want to be doing this?’ he added, tagging Greene.

‘I’d much rather be able to be a college student but I & others can’t & you know why? Bc corrupt politicians like you have made it so it’s on the survivors of Gun violence to end gun violence bc you can’t do your damn job

‘Every day we are forced to act and fight through all our trauma to fight for those that can’t because they were killed due to people like you refusing to do your job and protect kids not guns.

‘Also, the thousands I’ve had to spend on of therapy due the trauma from the shooting and due to harassment and threats like this but also so much worse is absolutely ridiculous.

‘I’ve never gotten a dime from Soros,’ Hogg hit back to her claims that he is paid by lobby groups.

‘Could someone PLEASE tell me where the ‘millions’ I’ve been ‘paid’ by Soros is? I’d love to have the rest of college and if I go- grad or law school paid for, a nice place for my parents and therapy paid for the rest of my life.’

Hogg also called on President Biden to act, stating this is ‘silence on gun violence prevention since being elected has been so frustrating’.

‘I know we have other stuff going on- but we’ve fought so hard and we need POTUS to act people are still dying.’

Greene was also called out by Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime died in the Parkland shooting.

‘@mtgreenee , is this you harassing @davidhogg111 weeks after the Parkland shooting, that my daughter was killed in & he was in?’ he wrote in a tweet.

‘Calling him a coward for ignoring your insanity. I will answer all of your questions in person. Get ready to record again.’

Hogg had been among those who called for Greene’s resignation last week after her 2018 Facebook remarks on the Parkland shooting were unearthed.


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