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A former QAnon supporter apologized to Anderson Cooper for believing he was a robot who ate babies, admitting that the conspiracy theory was just one of many he was obsessed with.

Australian Jitarth Jadeja is confronted by Cooper during an interview about the conspiracy theory.

Cooper explains: ‘This is also something of a personal project as the QAnon fringe was previously focused on me, and a bunch of other reporters as well as many other public figures, as somehow being responsible for some of their more outlandish, should we say, and bizarre conspiracies.’

QAnon conspiracy theorists believe that Cooper and other Hollywood notables are part of a ring of elites abusing children, and have used manufactured flight logs alleged to be from Jeffrey Epstein to support their outlandish claims.

‘It’s all made up, of course, but QAnon supporters seem to believe it or use it to harass me,’ he added.

The show includes Cooper’s video call with Jadeja, who was a QAnon ‘believer until June 2019.’

Cooper asked the former QAnon believer: ‘Did you, at the time, believe that Democrats, high-level Democrats and celebrities were worshipping Satan, drinking the blood of children?’

Jadeja quickly retorted: ‘Anderson, I thought you did that. And I would like to apologize for that right now. So, I apologize for thinking that you ate babies But, yeah, 100%.’

The host seemed completely dumbfounded by the admission.

‘You actually believed that I was drinking the blood of children?,’ he asked.

Jadeja asserted: ‘Yes, I did.’

Cooper asked what it is about him that made Jadeja believe such a conspiracy.

‘It’s because “Q” specifically mentioned you and he mentioned you very early on,’ Jadeja said.

‘He mentioned you by name, and from there, he also talked about like, for example, your family. I’m going to be honest, like people still talk about that to this day.’

It was not further clarified what Jadeja meant by Cooper’s family, in the clip.

‘Some people thought you were a robot,’ Jadeja declared, explaining to Cooper that QAnon supporters were discussing the host just as recent as four days ago.

He continued: ‘I didn’t just believe that. I at one stage believed that QAnon was part of military intelligence, which is what he says but on top of that, that the people behind him were actually a group of fifth dimensional intra-dimensional extra terrestrial bi-pedal bird aliens called Blue Avians.’

‘I was so far down in this conspiracy black hole, that I was essentially picking and choosing whatever narrative I wanted to believe in.’

QAnon started on fringe website 4chan, where a poster calling themselves Q left messages claiming to be a senior federal official and purporting to reveal a ‘deep state’ cabal intent on bringing down Donald Trump.

Q grew out of the discredited Pizzagate conspiracy that top Democrats were involved in pedophilia and cannibalism from the basement of a Washington D.C. restaurant, but quickly picked up steam with ‘Q’ leaving ‘clues’ and claims that Trump was going to bring down the deep state.

Whenever the conspiracies turn out to not be true, followers rationalize that the inaccuracies are part of Q’s larger plan.

The group also believed John F. Kennedy Jr. was alive and would join Trump on the Republican ticket last year.

Kennedy died in a plane crash in 1998.


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