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Donald Trump’s approval rating plummeted after the US Capitol siege, a Pew Research Center survey conducted from January 8 to 12 found.

Trump is leaving the White House with the lowest approval rating of his presidency, 29%, a drop of 9 percentage points since August.

Compared with other presidents, Trump’s approval rating was remarkably steady throughout most of his tenure, according to Pew: It never went above 45% or below 36%.

But that changed after the Capitol siege on January 6.

Trump’s approval rating among Republicans has tanked by 17 percentage points in Pew’s surveys: In August, it stood at 77%, but it now stands at 60%.



The share of Trump supporters who described the president’s conduct as poor also doubled over the past two months, to 20% from 10%, according to Pew.

The Pew survey found that a whopping 68% of Americans said they didn’t want Trump to remain a major political figure after he leaves the White House.

“For many, the shocking events of Jan. 6 — when some Trump supporters heeded the president’s call to march to the Capitol to protest Congress’ acceptance of Biden’s victory and then went on a violent rampage throughout the building — have seriously marred Trump’s final days as president,” Pew said.

The House impeached Trump on Wednesday over his role in inciting the insurrection at the US Capitol that left five people dead, including one police officer.

He is the only US president to be impeached twice.

Pew found that 52% of Americans said Trump bears “a lot” of responsibility for the Capitol siege, while 24% said Trump was not at all responsible.

Pew said that about three-quarters of Americans surveyed said Trump bears at least some responsibility for the violence at the Capitol.

Similarly, an Insider poll released on Thursday found that 73% of Americans said Trump bears a “great deal” or “a lot” of responsibility for the riot at the Capitol.

Insider’s poll found that less than one-fifth of Americans said Trump was blameless for the violence.


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