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Fans of Tom Ellis are being scammed, and everyone’s favorite devil is concerned about it.

The Lucifer star took to Instagram today to warn fans that he does not communicate personally from his social media accounts.

Ellis advised fans to be careful after some had been exploited by scam accounts pretending to be him.

In a statement to his 8.9 million Instagram followers, he wrote: “I have said this once but I’ll say it one last time because apparently people are still falling for this.

“I have never used any account other than my official Twitter TomEllis17 or my official Instagram OfficialTomEllis, both of which have blue tics to verify that it is me.”

He added to fans that he does not use Gmail, Facebook or Hangouts, so they shouldn’t respond to anyone saying they are him on those platforms.

Tom’s message to lucifans is below:



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This isn’t the first time Tom has had to issue such a bleak warning.

Back in 2017 he had to tell fans to block an account which was posing as him and trying to scam money from people.

He wrote: “Please don’t give money to this fake account. It’s not me.”

Earlier this month, Tom posted a much happier video on IG, showing himself hitting the links.



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