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Rich Little made his career after entertaining at both of Ronald Reagan’s presidential inaugurations.

A master mimic, Little received widespread praise after his 1981 appearance at the first Reagan inaugural gala.

As Reagan, he had the crowd roaring when he suggested the president-elect would build a pipeline to the sun, but only ‘at night.’

He also imitated former presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter.

In 1985, he charmed the predominantly Republican audience with another Carter imitation: “I’d like to tell you about my accomplishments as president. Have you got a second?”

But the biggest laughs came during his Reagan imitation, a song called “The Ronnie Reagan Rag.”

“This is “a little exercise I do every afternoon [pause] before I start work,” Little said in Reagan’s voice, and the crowd broke up.

They also enjoyed hearing the pseudo-Reagan say “I got my cabinet from Central Casting,” and his simple answer to questions about Soviet relations: “I don’t have any relations in the Soviet Union.”

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