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It’s hard to believe but a majority of Republican voters say that state-level reviews of the 2020 presidential election will uncover information that will put Donald Trump magically back in the White House, according to a new Morning Consult-Politico poll.

A majority of Republicans in the poll, 51 percent, indicated they think reviews of the 2020 election will change its outcome, including 29 percent who “definitely” think it will change the outcome and 22 percent who think it “probably” will change the results.

Overall, the poll found that roughly three-quarters of GOP voters — 74 percent — support state-level efforts to review and examine the 2020 election.

In Arizona, for instance, the state Senate has for months been conducting a hand recount and audit of the vote in the state’s largest county after hiring a conspiracy-based company.

The survey is based on responses from 1,994 registered voters gathered online from June 11 to 13, and has a margin of sampling error of 2 percentage points.

The findings underscore how pervasive former President Trump’s false claims that the 2020 election was tainted by widespread voter fraud and malfeasance have become among Republican voters in the more than seven months since the November election.

Nearly five months since leaving the White House, Trump has continued to spread conspiracy theories about the election and has reportedly even gone as far as to privately float the idea that he could be reinstated as president.

Another Morning Consult poll released earlier this month found that roughly 3 in 10 Republicans believe that it is at least somewhat likely that Trump will be reinstated as president, even though such an outcome is impossible.

The U.S. Constitution does not include a process by which a former president can be restored to office without a regular election.

Republican leaders have repeatedly expressed a desire to move on from the chaos of the 2020 election, saying that they would rather not relitigate the presidential race as they look to win back control of the House and Senate in 2022.

But Trump and his most ardent supporters have shown little desire to move on. In public appearances since leaving office, Trump has resurfaced his baseless theories of a stolen election while attacking those in his own party who refuse to back up his claims.

Trump’s own Justice Department and Homeland Security agency concluded 2020 was the ‘most secure’ in American history.



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