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Netflix has announced Season Six of Lucifer will drop on September 10th, and while lucifans are dealing with the bittersweet news that the final season is near, the devil himself is moving on with his career.

Tom Ellis has spoken out on the penultimate season and its most “exhausting” element – playing his evil twin Michael.

“It was interesting, because we thought for the final season we’d bring Michael in, we wanted me to play Michael,” said Ellis in an interview. “So I thought, OK, it’s the final season, I think I’ll do it. So that was part of the thing to start with, because I knew it was going to be exhausting. And I was right about that, it was absolutely exhausting. But it was a lot of fun.”

Last week, Tom posted a stunt shot of himself together with actress Lauren German, who portrays Detective Chloe Decker, both wearing security cables, with the Lord of Darkness holding Decker in his arms across a just too perfect blue sky.



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Netflix has released a trailer for the final season, which consists of footage from all the previous five seasons, save for a new clip at the very end which calls back to the very first episode of the series, where Lucifer is pulled over by a police officer.

He apologizes to the officer, saying, “This is my last night in L.A.”



Tom isn’t wasting any time leaving the devil behind.

He’s already working on his new Netflix project, the romantic comedy “Players” alongside Gina Rodriguez.

“Players” follows Chicago-based sports writer Mack (Rodriguez) who has spent years devising hit “comedies” with best friend Adam (Damon Wayans Jr.) and their crew, but when she unexpectedly loses her mind completely for one of his targets (Tom Ellis), everyone must learn what it takes to go from simple scoring to playing for real.

Earlier this week, Tom shared a picture on IG with the caption: ‘Loving being on set with my new players.’



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It’s not firm yet, but Players will likely premiere on Netflix next spring.


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