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The devil and gang are back for one last romp in the season six trailer for Lucifer, and the fact that he’s, well, the literal devil seems to have finally caught up with him.

It’s time for Lucifer, played by the amazing Tom Ellis, to assume his place on his dad’s throne, but instead of being the CEO of Waystar Royco, it’s … God.

Yeah, it’s a pretty big job.

He really needs to be full-cocked for it, especially since “the laws of nature are breaking down and the apocalypse is nigh” all around L.A.

As witnesses to a murder in the final season premiere, Lucifer and former detective Decker find themselves on the receiving end of an LAPD questioning, providing Detective Corbett (Friday Night Lights‘ Scott Porter) with quite the celestial download — which he of course dismisses.

But enough with the devil talk.

Check out the final Lucifer trailer below:



The equally amazing D.B. Woodside offered up this final table read for the popular show that was rescued by fans after being cancelled by FOX several years ago.



The final season premieres on Netflix one month from today, September 10.


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