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An Alabama couple known on YouTube for reselling vintage items and their staunch anti-vaccine stance have both died from COVID-19.

Dusty and Tristan Graham, better known as the “Alabama Pickers,” died from the virus less than a month apart.

The pair from Huntsville ran a since-deleted YouTube channel sharing tips on how to resell vintage items, antiques and collectibles.

Dusty died Thursday, more than three weeks after his wife “passed suddenly in her sleep” due to coronavirus complications on Aug. 25, according to an online fundraiser set up by their children.

“Unfortunately Dusty and Tristan have both passed away,” wrote the couple’s daughter, Windsor Graham. “Thank you for all the kind words and helping us during this difficult time.”

Weeks earlier, Dusty announced his wife’s death — and also revealed he was in an ICU bed “battling it out” against the virus himself.

One of the last videos posted by the couple on their deleted channel was reposted elsewhere on the video-sharing site.

In the 90-minute clip, showing the couple as they drove, Dusty made his anti-vaccine stance abundantly clear while discussing local mask mandates.

“Still haven’t gotten the you know what,” Dusty said on the clip before mimicking a syringe jab. “Still not planning on getting it.”

“But if you want to, bully for you,” Tristan said, agreeing with her husband’s take.

Dusty said he had his “own passport” while referring to his birth certificate and the Constitution, which he claimed allowed him to travel wherever he wanted without trouble.

“I think this will be all behind us in a couple years,” Dusty continued. “Then they’ll be like ‘You don’t need that anymore.’”

Dusty added that he had survived without a vaccine for a year and knew friends who contracted the virus.

Two of their children did as well, according to the couple, who had more than 1,200 followers on eBay, where they sold their vintage finds.


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