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Across the world, Lucifer fans are reflecting on the end of their favorite hellish series.

After a popular six year run, Lucifer has finally wrapped up its series and the final season is airing on Netflix.

It’s been a bittersweet time for both the cast, crew and fans.

‘I know a lot of you have mixed emotions right now. Me too,” tweeted showrunner Ildy Modrovich. “I’m so excited for you to see #LuciferSeason6 and so grateful for this beautiful ride. But so sad to see it end. That said I do have TONS of BTS to share after we air. So we can say goodbye together. Love u #Lucifamily.”

Aimee Garcia tweeted: “TOMORROW!!! Last time we’ll see #Lucella”

D.B. Woodside simply added: “Tomorrow, we say goodbye.”

Netflix teased the release of the final season in a tweet earlier today:



When Fox canceled Lucifer in 2018, diehard fans took to social media to wage an overnight campaign to save the series.

Within hours of the news, Lucifer himself, Tom Ellis took to Twitter, asking the fans of the show to rally together and tweet #SaveLucifer to get the attention of another network.

Lucifans immediately got on board and soon #SaveLucifer was trending worldwide.

The hashtag reached over 9 million tweets in just a month, and Ellis took the cause to BBC Newsnight and KTLA to plead the case.

It worked, and Netflix made a deal for three additional seasons.

Tom took to Twitter to share the news, and gave fans the rightful credit.

“Wow that sounds nice,” he wrote. “You fans made this happen. #LuciFansrock”

Gail Crawford, along with the late Jane Wilson, helped establish the first social media accounts to support the show.

Crawford, under the @Lucifansgroup1 handle, wrote today: “I’m honestly kinda ready for tmrrw. I’ll bawl. Endings are always so very hard. But we’ve been fighting to exist for so fcking long. I’m ready to relax for the first time in years. I can finally stop fighting and… breathe.”



“Jane and I helped run a group called Dominion Family,” Crawford told me earlier this year. “That group was a collective who worked to help that show trend. We were very successful, but we worked directly with the showrunners and Jane and I learned a lot.”

When they started watching Lucifer, Crawford said they noticed fans were tweeting, but using a lot of random tags.

“We made the account to sort of give the Fandom a landing page for trending,” she said. “Our entire goal was trending in Season 1. After that, we sort of morphed into a fan page, with trending as a part of what we do. But we never felt it was about us. The Fandom did this. We just pointed the directions and sometimes reigned in the crazier impulses.”

“If you ever wondered where the term Lucifan came from it was from @lucifansgroup1 and Jane,” wrote @Sanoiro. “They defined the Lucifer fandom, gave it life and fighting spirit for when the Campaign of 2018 was needed to #SaveLucifer.”

JimHeath.TV has been proud to cover the cast and crew of Lucifer since the show was saved by Netflix.

It’s rare to have a fandom so effective, and loyal, to a show that has meant a lot to so many.



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