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“Electing a president HAS turned into a political circus and nobody captures it better than Jim Heath. From his vantage points in South Carolina and Ohio, which are ground zero in presidential campaigns, Jim provides amazing insights and remarkable stories. This is a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in the sport (or circus) of politics.” – Steve Scully, Political Editor, C-SPAN Networks, Past President White House Correspondents’ Association

“Like few others can, Jim Heath takes us behind the scenes of how presidents are elected. It’s a tour de force of American politics. Jim gives true meaning to shoe leather reporting, quite literally wearing out two pairs of shoes during the 2012 campaign alone. Obama, Romney, McCain, Clinton, and so many more contenders have been on the other side of his microphone. This book offers a real-life window into the absurd marathon that candidates (and the lucky swing state voters) must endure. A terrific read of why campaigns matter and a ring-side look into how we elected our leaders.” – Jeff Zeleny, CNN Senior Washington Correspondent

“It’s the stories behind the stories that make political junkies thrive, and Jim Heath takes us behind the curtain for the encounters that really matter. The insights are colorful and conversational, and the background becomes the foreground for the wild rides that elections provide.” – Rick Klein, Political Director, ABC News

“Jim Heath takes advantage of the reporting jobs he’s held in two states with great importance in presidential elections — South Carolina and Ohio — to provide a warts-and-all look at how reporters tried to cover the 2008 and 2012 campaigns and how the candidates tried to bend that coverage to their advantage. The book is easy reading for the politically inclined and also instructive as voters try to figure out what they want in a candidate in 2016, with the United States and the world on high alert because of escalating global terrorism. If the title implies that Heath doesn’t take the candidates seriously, that’s not the case. While Heath’s interactions with the candidates provide good reading, I especially liked his rebuttal of the media’s “liberal” bias. Heath’s background gives him the credentials to pass judgment.” – William Hershey, former Columbus bureau chief of the Dayton Daily News

“Just about everyone would like a ‘front row seat’ for the big events and powerful people that shape our lives. Journalist Jim Heath has actually had one of those seats, and in this substantive and entertaining book he shares his first-hand observations on Presidents, candidates, campaigns, and governing. The good, the bad, and the ugly–it’s all in here to inform and delight you.” – Dr. Larry J. Sabato, Director, University of Virginia Center for Politics – Editor, Sabato’s Crystal Ball

“Jim Heath’s “Front Row Seat” is a lively, enjoyable read filled with a bevy of observations about the presidential election cycle from someone who has seen it up close. A member of the mainstream media in two key political states, Heath offers a fresh, unrivaled look at the candidates from behind his camera. As a seasoned journalist and former staffer on Capitol Hill, Heath was in a unique position to meet every major presidential candidate in recent campaigns and spares no details relaying his personal encounters. His humor and candor, balanced with the insights of a savvy political insider, will give readers a unique perspective of the men and women who seek the most powerful office in the world (and the process they undergo). Front Row Seat will entertain and enlighten anyone interested in presidential politics. And for those who abhor the superficialities of the political arena, this book might just affirm your suspicions. Cautionary note to presidential candidates: reading this book might be harmful to your ego.” – Brad Dean, President and CEO Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

“This book is an incredibly fun read. It’s perfect for any millennial who wants to get some background on why our political system is the way it is today. The personal insight and stories from Jim make you feel like you’re listening to a great story over a beer. Would recommend this book to anyone…especially people my age who are interested in learning how the political arena ACTUALLY works.” – Nick Uhas, host of FabLab on FOX

“The dozens of interviews Jim Heath recounts with presidential wanna-bes are interesting enough, but he enhances them with prescient historical context and analysis to transport readers back to the thick of campaigns. Heath’s anecdotes include Obama’s growing anger about an interview going too long, Clinton’s proficiency at “interview tennis” when he asked about her husband’s affairs, and how he was thrust into the eye of a media storm after asking Romney an innocent question. Heath also forthrightly tackles media bias, revealing his own conversion to political objectivity after being elected the youngest Republican county chairman in Arizona history. I really enjoyed Front Row Seat at the Circus.” – Joe Hallett, Former Senior Editor and Chief Political Reporter, Columbus Dispatch

“Jim Heath’s book is a refreshing glimpse into the backstage world of covering politics. I personally experienced Jim’s integrity and professionalism during our many interviews. Through his eyes, we see the humanness of politics—real people grappling with the issues of the day. We see how he never lost sight of the media’s role in contributing to an informed public and just how difficult it is sometimes to obtain important information. At the same time, he is candid about media bias and his growing concern that public communication is too controlled now by a few wealthy individuals. I believe readers will feel surprisingly uplifted by Front Row Seat at the Circus—just as I was.” – Ted Strickland, Ohio’s 68th Governor

“They say presidential campaigns are won or lost in Ohio. Jim Heath is a rare combination of a journalist with a background as both a congressional staffer and political aide who was front and center in South Carolina and Ohio during the past two presidential elections. His story of being in a front row seat is both entertaining and informative as we enter what promises to be another close election where Ohio will play an influential role. I already miss his coverage of the battleground Buckeye State in the 2016 cycle.” – Senator Rob Portman (R-OH)

“Only someone like Jim Heath who has spent his entire life studying and reporting on electoral politics with laser focus and fervor could write Front Row Seat at the Circus. This book is full of sharp and interesting observations that bring real personality to the process. It’s a delicate and successful balance: an absolute must-read for politics aficionados, and a worthy and rollicking read for people who don’t obsess over campaigns and elections….yet.” – Jay Baer, New York Times bestselling author

“Presidential campaigns are more grit than glamour, and Jim Heath has woven together a sharp and perceptive account of America’s political battlegrounds and the pivotal role these corners of the country play in the selection of the leader of the free world. Front Row Seat at the Circus is the work of a tenacious reporter, with an eye for bringing to life the colorful characters and local electoral customs shaping the pageantry of presidential politics. The book takes readers behind the pipe and drape of the event stage and lets them witness campaign life in raw form.” – Kevin Madden, Senior Advisor and Spokesman, Mitt Romney for President 2012

“Jim Heath clearly loves the game of politics, but readers of this book will conclude that he loves integrity and decency even more. Jim understands that while circuses have plenty of clowns, they have moments of great artistry as well. He reports on both, never succumbs to cynicism, and provides us a window into what makes the best politicians–and the best journalists–tick.” – David Wilhelm, former Chairman of the DNC, Campaign Manager Bill Clinton for President 1992

“Jim Heath’s insight and expertise into both the political and media circus made me feel like I had picked up a secret referee’s manual. Jim calls the campaigns and candidates objectively, and he offers an analysis of ‘media bias’ which is the best I’ve read. In-depth and thoroughly entertaining, this book is a must-read as the 2016 Presidential election heats up.” – Mike Aldridge, author and former aide to Senator John McCain

“From its opening at the Ohio Statehouse to its ending on the steps of the Capitol building as President Obama is sworn in for his second term, Front Row Seat at the Circus is a political journey as diverse as the cast of characters it covers. Written by Emmy award-winning political journalist Jim Heath, this memoir-come-ringside-seat at the political “circus” is likely to entice a broad audience, from amateurs to hard-core politicos alike. Mr. Heath’s no-holds-barred approach to the inside lives of the candidates is bold and courageous, and his unbiased political straight-talk is both refreshing and informative.” – K.C. Perry, Professional Book Editor


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