George H.W Bush’s casket arrived at his final resting place at Texas A&M this evening, after thousands of cheering and waving Texans lined the route of the special funeral train traveling 70 miles from Houston.

The 41st president’s son George W. Bush and his wife Laura, along with other members of the Bush family, watched somberly as a military honor guard carried his casket off the train.

His flag-draped casket was wrapped with a plastic cover due to the rainy conditions.

Bush’s arrival came after an emotional service at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston this morning.

His body was then transported via the presidential train to the presidential library where he was laid to rest at a private ceremony.

Following the earlier service, a hearse took the late president to the Union Pacific train station in Spring, Texas, where a special funeral train, with a locomotive painted in the colors of Air Force One and named 4141, journeyed two and a half hours to College Station.

The train’s sixth car, a converted baggage hauler called ‘Council Bluffs,’ was fitted with transparent sides to allow mourners lining the tracks views of Bush’s flag draped coffin.

The 41st president’s son George W. Bush was so moved by the thousands of Texans who braved the gloomy weather to pay their respects to the former president that he posted a photo of himself waving to the crowds, writing: ‘Thank you for making 41’s last ride so special.’

Bush was then taken to his presidential library at the university, where he was laid to rest at a private ceremony next to his wife, Barbara, who died in April, and his daughter Robin, who died at age three in 1953.

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