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Tom Ellis will be the next James Bond.

Eon Productions just needs to print out a contract, have Ellis sign it, and the rest of us can stop speculating on it.

Whew. That was easy.

Daniel Craig, who has elevated Bond’s moodiness to new heights, is finally retiring from the iconic role.

And there has already been years of debate about who should replace him.

But it’s just so clear and simple.

The British actor has played the devil with charm and anger and wit for four seasons, so the transition to Bond, with all his action-packed moodiness, should be simple.

His role as the snarky and devilish Lucifer has actually just been a extra long audition for one of the premiere jobs in Hollywood.


Let’s review:


Ellis looks good in Bond suit:



He looks like Bond in a tux:



He looks good like Bond in next-to-nothing:



He looks like Bond with a gun:



He looks like Bond just standing around:



He looks like Bond with the ladies:



He looks like Bond with the guys:



He looks like Bond in…this:



Okay, maybe that last one didn’t help.

But you get the point.

The truth is Ellis combines the studliness of Sean Connery, with the wit of Roger Moore, the ease of Pierce Bronson, and the pissed-off-at-the-world attitude of Daniel Craig.



Make him the seventh Bond and he fits right in.

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Sure, there are some other leading men in the running to play the iconic role:



But c’mon!

Tom Ellis has all of their qualities rolled up into one.

The petition drive to Eon Productions to demand Ellis be the next Bond has already started on Change.org.

it’s just a matter of time until a zillion signatures are on it.

Meanwhile, fans have already created some 007 posters:





In reality, we all love Lucifer – men, women, children and small animals alike.

But playing the devil can’t last forever.

At some point the wings do, finally, come off.



And in case you’re wondering if Tom is up for it, he just tweeted that he agree with this article:


So that’s settled!

Tom Ellis should soon drop the “Hello, detective” and instead be saying:

“Bond. James Bond!”

(Paid For By The Committee To Elect Tom Ellis As James Bond)

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