In a heartfelt message today, Lucifer’s Lauren German acknowledged this will be the final season for the popular series, while thanking fans for their support.

Everyone’s favorite detective had been the sole remaining cast member to continue pushing for a #SaveLucifer campaign after Netflix announced earlier this summer that the upcoming season five would be the last.

Today she cleared up her position on the issue.

“So, to clear up some confusion, yes I was encouraging people to share how much they loved Lucifer when were still waiting to hear about if we all were getting a season 5, 6 or more,” she wrote.

But then added: “But now we known definitively from Netflix that they have decided to end the show after one more, final season 5. So knowing that, it’s nice to be able to focus on making this last season our best yet.”



German added: “We love you all and let’s go out with a devilish bang.”

Both co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson had earlier encouraged Lucifans to lay off a #SaveLucifer campaign and just focus on enjoying the former Fox show’s upcoming season.

In a lengthy statement tweeted last month, Modrovich addressed “confusion over the recent announcement that this is our last season.”



Lucifer himself, Tom Ellis, quickly retweeted Modrovich’s statement and asked fans to read it:



The online petition had garnered nearly 90,000 signatures.

It had picked up momentum last month when German signaled to fans that they should push Netflix for additional seasons.

“If you want a season 6 or more let it be heard,” German tweeted. “We love that you love Lucifer your support on social media is cherished and important.”

She continued, “if you want more let everyone know.”



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German’s endorsement of the petition drive was in sharp contrast to Ellis who wrote on Instagram that season 5 would be it.

“I have had the most amazing ride making life long friends and playing a character that I truly love,” wrote Ellis. “It has been an utter privilege.”

“Here’s to a rocking season 5 and going out on a high,” Ellis concluded.



On Twitter, Ellis also added, “…all good things must come to an end…always leave them wanting more!”



Watching the petition gain popularity, Lucifer Executive Producer Joe Henderson, the top boss, weighed in making it very clear that S5 will be it.

Replying to fans, Henderson wrote: “Nothing has changed! We are wrapping up all our stories in season 5, our final season.”



In another tweet, he added, “Honestly, we’re telling our ending with season 5. We love all the support, but right now, I’d say time is better spent getting ready for a fitting ending to our characters’ journeys.”



Unable to slow down the petition drive, Henderson was again asked by @lucifansgroup1 to clarify whether season five “is the end, and we shouldn’t tweet for S6?”

Henderson responded, “Season 5 is the end.”



Netflix announced earlier this month — just weeks after the show’s fourth season debuted on the streaming service — that it would end “Lucifer” with a 10-episode fifth and final season to air next year.

Lucifer star Kevin Alejandro revealed that the cast found out the news that season five would be the last just hours before the rest of the world did.

Speaking to Tilly Pearce at UK Metro about the season five ending, Alejandro, who plays Detective Dan Espinoza, admitted that he found the moment bittersweet, and that the cast, who have become undeniably close on and off screen, have already got emotional as they think about saying goodbye.



“After the announcement, Me, Lesley-Ann, Lauren German were having dinner and already, just talking about the end, and season five is starting to end, tears are starting to form and it’s like we’re months away from even shooting,” said Alejandro. “We’re like “we just can’t believe it! We just need to embrace it.”

After Netflix resurrected the series after its early cancellation on Fox, Lucifans have been desperate to keep the show alive as long as possible.

So, the last couple weeks have split the Lucifer fandom, with many signing a petition to Netflix to keep the show going.

[Detective Douche Reveals Cast Learned Of Show’s Fate Just Hours Before Fans]

Alejandro, or Detective Douche as Lucifer calls him, admits the cast went through various emotions when they heard the news.

“The day they announced it to the public, we found out hours before that,” said Alejandro. “At first, you know, it’s kind of bittersweet, because originally we were just waiting to hear if we’d been picked up for another season, and so there’s that. They started with the news of ‘we’re picked up!’ and of course there was happiness, and then there was the bittersweetness of ‘but this is the last one.’”

German’s tweets today bring closure for the cast, and the sad recognition they’ll soon be shooting scenes with each other for the final season.



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