Tom Ellis and Lucifans all over the world are ecstatic after Netflix announced this morning Lucifer will have a total of 16 episodes for its final season.

Lucifer had previously been renewed for 10 episodes, but fans of the Vertigo-inspired series sent a message to Netflix they needed more for closure and the streaming service listened.

“Lucifer Season 5 just got a HELL of a lot better — and bigger,” reads the Tweet from Netflix. “We’ve added six more hours, for a grand total of 16 episodes!”



Ellis trumpeted the news under a BREAKING NEWS banner: “Hot of the press!!!! @LuciferNetflix final season will be 16 episodes!!!!!”



Co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson had said of the original final-season pickup, “We are so incredibly thankful to Netflix for … letting us finish the story of Lucifer on our terms. Most importantly, we want to thank the fans for their incredible passion and support. The best is yet to come!”

The showrunners told TVLine they have known Season 5’s opening sequence “literally since we started Season 4,” with Moldrovich adding: “We also have one other, really fun toy to play with, that we know is going to be a big guiding factor in Season 5, so we’re excited about that, too.”

Modrovich last night also commended JimHeath.TV for an article we wrote explaining that Lucifer does more to promote Christianity than any other television show.

[My Take: Lucifer Does More To Promote Christianity Than Any Other Show On TV]

“This article warms my heart,” Ildy wrote. “Thank you for smelling what we’re cooking JimHeath.TV. We humbly thank you.”



Fox axed Lucifer last year after three seasons.

A month later, Netflix picked up the show for a fourth season of 10 episodes (which premiered in May), and then last month renewed the show for a fifth and final season.

The show follows the charming Lucifer Morningstar (Ellis), and LAPD detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) as they solve crimes.



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