Lucifer’s lead writer for the first episode of Season 5 is not known for lovey-dovey scripts. In fact, quite the opposite.

Screen writer Jason Ning recently completed Episode 501, and Lucifer experts on social media were quick to point out that his past work has been quite dark.

“I think it’s a momentous thing as Ning is writing the 1st episode of a season and that troubles me a bit to be honest,” wrote @Sanoiro on Twitter. “He is good. Very good. But Ning means ANGST, pain, desperation & a derailed Lucifer. It means Lucifer will be broken.”

@Sanoiro has followed the series closely from the beginning and has an extensive Tumblr microblog account about the show.

Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt said in an interview last week that her demon character Maze has a pivotal role the first episode, which could confirm how down and sad it is.

Ning has previously written other dark episodes, including: Favorite Son from Season 1, Weaponizer from Season 2, The Angel of San Bernardino from Season 3, and O, Ye of Little Faith Father from Season 4.

Lucifer star Tom Ellis said ‘The Angel of San Bernardino’ was his favorite Season 3 episode.

Ning once pointed out this tidbit for watching TV: “Rule in procedural television watching. Dude who shows up with the popped collar in Act One is ALWAYS the killer.”

He is also responsible for bringing us one of the most classic lines from Season 3, as Lucifer says to Chloe, “You have DNA on your shirt.”



Lucifer then pulled a “DNA” sticker off Chloe to finish the joke.

Screenrunner Joe Henderson said it was “the subtly crudest/most absurd joke we’ve gotten away with. And we’ve gotten away with a lot.”

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Ning is also the author of the dark comic book Dante.

In the story, the lead character is manipulated into thinking he could quit working for an international crime syndicate, and after being betrayed accidentally kills a young Asian boy.



The writers of Lucifer pointed out the title of the first Season 5 episode, “Really Sad Devil Guy,” and seemed to mock it in a tweet yesterday.



“I feel like it will be indeed a mocking remark, something though that will either plummet Lucifer deeper in his own personal Hell while in Hell, or it will be the initiative for him to get angry and act to get out of there,” responded @Sanoiro.

Meanwhile, did showrunner Ildy Modrovich give away a clue in a tweet this afternoon?



If you look real close at what is written on the board, you can see what looks to be the word “Caleb.”



Caleb is a character we met in Season 4, in one of the most profound Lucifer episodes dealing with race.

The immediate chemistry between Caleb, played by Denny Love, and Amenadiel, played by D.B. Woodside, as they cross paths at Lux leads to some of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking moments in the series history.

Caleb was killed in the emotional episode, and in the postmortem had Amenadiel’s necklace.

It would make sense for us to see him again.



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