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Not since the Brady Bunch and “Marcia, Marica, Marcia” has the title of an episode generated so much interest.

That’s after Lucifer writers announced today that the second episode of the final season is entitled, “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!”

They tweeted a copy of the script earlier today:



The title surprised many, after a week of guessing after co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich teased the initials on Twitter:



Among the amazing guesses:

  • Living La vida Lucifer
  • Lucifer’s Labor Lost
  • Living Like Larry
  • Lonely Little Luci
  • Lollies, Loofas and Lipstick
  • Late Life Lesbian
  • Lucifer Licks Legumes
  • Lucifer Loves Legos
  • Let’s Lick Lucifer
  • Lucifer’s Lucious Legwarmers
  • Lucifer’s Lustful Llama

A quick search revealed no one had guessed correctly Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!

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Viewers have spent the time since the end of season four wondering how Lucifer would dig himself out of this situation in the coming episodes.

Old Scratch was forced to put himself back into Hell in an attempt to quell the outcry of the demons below.

While fans have put forth a number of theories surrounding how he’ll find his way back to Earth, Lucifer star Tom Ellis has now shown off a cheeky behind-the-scenes look at season five.

Tom posted a video of himself on set on his Instagram account in full Lucifer regalia.

Suited and ready for some mischief, the star fired a handheld fan at his own face before aiming it towards the sound technician who was working on his microphone.

Check it out:



Tom laughed while performing his antics, and captioned the image explaining exactly what was going on.

“The first week on set of #lucifer #luciferseason5 @lucifernetflix was ‘Hot’ in more ways than one.

Thank you @joshstyle for providing my industrial strength hand fan (and the video).

I think Kelsey @peggithepirate from our sound department appreciated it too!”

Season 5 is now in production, and at least the first 8 of 16 episodes are expected to be dropped on Netflix next spring.



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