Lucifer fans have always been visible on Twitter and Facebook, but now we know they’ve been busy taking over Reddit too.

Numbers released by @sayasajo show Lucifer’s fan base on Reddit has gone from nearly 20K before season four was dropped on Netflix, to nearly 70K today.

That’s a 250 percent increase, due primarily to the influence of Netflix.



@sayasajo points out that when Lucifer premiered on Fox it took more than two years to achieve 20K subscribers on Reddit.

When Netflix renewed the series the numbers when up to 43K in one year.

And between May, when season four was dropped, to today the number stands at just under 70K.

That’s just an amazing statistic that shows: 1) The power of Netflix over network TV and 2) The enthusiasm from new Lucifans who have just recently discovered the show.

New fans like Kelly Clarkson.

The former American Idol champ kicked the tires on the fan effort this week to convince Netflix to continue Lucifer well past season five.

In an Instagram post, Clarkson admits she “obsessively watched three seasons in four days.”

And then added, “I’m upset because it took me forever to catch on to this show because I have four children and a lot of jobs and a lot going on.”

Here’s her IG post:



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#DearNetflix #SaveLucifer ?

A post shared by Kelly Clarkson (@kellyclarkson) on


Now that she’s learned Lucifer is ending this upcoming season, she’s asking Netflix to bring it back for more.

“Here’s what happens. I get on a show late in the game, and it’s amazing, and then people end up going, ‘Oh, it’s over, and it’s canceled,’ and I’m like, ‘why?’ and I’m mad about it,” Clarkson continued.

She went on to praise the show, calling it “awesome” and the Season 4 finale, in which Lucifer (Tom Ellis) left Chloe (Lauren German) behind to rule over Hell, “so good and sad.”

She also wants the cast on her new talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

She ended her video with a request for Netflix: “Do me a solid and continue this greatness.”

But Clarkson’s plea may not be enough.

As JimHeath.TV has reported, the cast of Lucifer has not joined the “Save Lucifer” push this time around.

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During his appearance at the Lucifer Convention in LA last month, Tom Ellis thought ahead to the filming of the shows final scene.



“I can categorically say that I will never have another experience like this,” said Ellis. “When they call cut on the last day, it’s going to be a lot to take in.”

Writers are busy putting the finishing touches on the fifth season, which is already back in production.

Netflix has not announced when the 16 episodes will be released next year, and there is growing speculation it will be split into two releases.

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Ellis also pointed out that it took the shows cancellation by FOX for everyone to realize just how popular it was.

“These days there is so much TV, so much content out there,” said Tom. “To be on a show that gets noticed, that people know about, that just seems like a massive achievement these days. You guys don’t know about all of this but we’ve been up against it quite a lot. We’re like the bastard child. We wouldn’t have known how popular the show was until we got canceled. That was the crazy thing about it. We didn’t know that there was all that love out there.”


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