It’s a thrill to have a role on Lucifer, whether you have a bunch of lines – or just one.

At least that’s what actress Genevieve Gauss seems to indicate when she excitedly announced she was returning to season 5.

She tweeted: “Great news! I’m coming back to Lucifer as a principal in season 5!”



She then tweeted a picture adding she “was honored and thrilled to get to attend the table read” for Episode 503.



That’s her on the far left seated next to Detective Douche, Kevin Alejandro.


Lucifer cast read through – episode 504.


In her Twitter bio she writes:  “I’m Gen, I’m an actor in the LA area and I play Officer Cacuzza on #LuciferNetflix. I have a wonderful husband, two cats, a dog, and a horse. I love gaming, cosplay, musical theater, and art. I worked at Disneyland for 7 years. AMA!”

Gen previously appeared in Save Lucifer, the ninth episode of Season 4, playing Officer Cacuzza.

Not just an extra, she had a line, saying to Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) on the phone:

“Detective Decker, something’s happened!”



Apparently the line delivered so well she was invited back to be in Season 5.

And she’s so thrilled by her participation on the show that she uses a picture from her performance as her Twitter cover.



One of the reasons aspiring actors love getting a Lucifer gig is the way the crew is taken care of.

From meals, to the set environment to the opportunity to move up from extra to speaking role.

“I think it’s a hopeful hire as she was not exactly an extra but background actress who was elevated to one with lines,” one Lucifer expert told JimHeath.TV. “I’m not sure what other productions do in Los Angeles, but Lucifer does not only try to keep certain people around but also offer them the opportunity to audition for certain minor parts. Not always, but I have seen some extras climbing that ladder sometimes.”

It’s very cool that Gauss is this excited about her upcoming role, and also cool that Lucifer’s team keeps in mind those who have previously participated.

The episode, entitled Diablo! and written by Mike Costa, will air on Netflix next year.



ALSO POSTED TODAY: A picture of Tom Ellis with the owner of the Pink Motel in San Fernando where the series is currently shooting.

Thanks to @thomulka (even if you did call him Tom Wellis 🙂




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