Lucifer’s final season is in production now, but first we are remembering a Happy Helloween, one that was hotter than Hell, in fact!

Before we get to Halloween, can we agree this TV devil is so charming, it’s scary!

One might say Tom Ellis is THE perfect devil:




Oh, wait.

We’re talking Halloween.

Here’s a message from Tom himself:


WATCH: And now a special Halloween video:


A couple screen grabs for you Helloween enjoyment:


So, do you remember the episode “Monster?”

It was the sixth episode of the second season.

It aired on Helloween night, 2016.

There were plenty of holiday nuggets in the episode thanks to the terrific writers:

  • Sidney Loomis is especially easy, as that’s 100% Scream.
  • Her husband Freddy is a Nightmare On Elm Street reference.
  • Jason Myers is a combination of Friday The 13th and Halloween.
  • Jack and Sally Peterson are part The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Wes Williams is half Wes Craven, and the Williams part is possibly a reference to JoBeth Williams from Poltergeist.
  • Lucifer’s “What are you waiting for?!” can count for an I Know What You Did Last Summer reference.



Writers really appreciated the day the episode would air.

Then, there’s Maze taking Trixie trick-or-treating.

Who can forget Maze’s President of Mars costume?

It was fun how completely unphased Trixie was when Maze showed her real face.

Then, when the demoness fell asleep with Trixie next to her on the couch, was the sweetest moment in a very dark episode.



WATCH: Maze takes Trixie trick-or-treating.


“Monster” was an important moment for the series.

  • The Chloe/Lucifer dynamic was crumbling under this emotional weight.
  • Amenadiel finally blamed God for all the chaos in their lives.
  • Dr. Linda is at a metaphorical crossroads.
  • There’s also the lingering fact that Lucifer killed Uriel and guilt can’t be the only consequence for that action.

Helloween 2016 was a Hell of a time to be a Lucifan!

Now we await anxiously for Season 5 – coming in two parts on Netflix next year.

Maybe there will be one last Helloween episode for us to enjoy?



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