Lucifer’s Tom Ellis celebrated his birthday today, and to honor the big day fans came through for the “Tom Ellis Random Acts of Kindness Birthday Challenge.”

@Lucifansgroup1, with over 37K followers on Twitter, organized the effort to spread kindness around the world in honor of Tom’s 41st birthday.

Earlier this year, Tom said: “Honestly, right now what I desire is some kindhearted people running the world.”

So the challenge for fans was to do something kind in Tom’s honor.

Here’s a sample of what Lucifans accomplished today:

@vickikneece raked leaves, donated a Thanksgiving food box and helped an elderly woman with groceries to her car (along with the 21 Day Yoga Challenge):


@FictionalPhotos delivered food to the local food bank, and donated to the firefighter’s drive for toys.


@sayasajo made cookies for a homeless man, and just as importantly, spent time talking with him.


@D86Kat made some sweets for employees at a care center, who are living angels taking care of people who cannot take care of themselves.


@josiestone88 donated to Lesley-Ann Brandt’s ongoing fundraiser to help out children in South Africa.

[READ: Lesley-Ann Brandt donates Skype call to lucky winner of charity drive]


@Audy_905 helped an elderly man in a wheelchair find his car.


@delphiskysong helped out an elderly woman in a local store.


@Volta1228 adopted an African lion from a wildlife sanctuary.


@karenchan28 also had animals on her mind, and adopted a baby elephant.


@jengenxer said she helped spread love around, which is a beautiful thing in today’s world.


@iamrmmason was touched by a homeless man holding a sign, and donated money to him in Tom’s honor.


@sschl72 and her mom knitted socks for an alcoholics home, which will be gifted on Christmas day.


@debbbrindley packed three bags of clothes for the less fortunate, and donated to help out military personnel overseas.


@NelsonSaline grabbed the newspaper for an elderly neighbor who lives alone.


@NancyDVaughan wasn’t feeling too well today, but she still helped spread some kindness on social media – something we could use a lot more of each day.


@oszwald1 donated to an organization that fights against animal cruelty in the food industry.


@PeggyHoornaert was inspired by her daughter who donated her ice cream money to a homeless person.


@gypsyhands bought groceries for an elderly couple who were in line at WalMart.


@naduah1991 donated to the terrific organization, run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, Toys for Tots.


@Just_Alasia did some grocery shopping for a neighbor in need.


@camille_bourg contributed to the French Red Cross, and also donated to the 21 Day Urban Challenge.



@HopeLHermnharry helped out a total stranger today.



The Heath family also donated to Lesley-Ann’s worthwhile cause.



These are a sample of the many acts of kindness made by fans of Tom Ellis today.

Thanks to @lucifansgroup1 for making it all happen.

What a great fandom, truly making a difference around the world!


“My biggest concern right now is about my three children and their future because we recognized quite a few years ago that we’re ruining this planet. And a lot of countries around the world are pulling together to try to help that situation. But it doesn’t work if the big boys aren’t there. And at the moment, there’s a few people in this world ruining it for everyone else. By literally ruining the world. My desire is those people go and some responsible fucking adults take over.” -Tom Ellis



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